Thursday, February 3, 2011

Project 365 - January

Here is the month of January in pictures from my Project 365 blog. You can click on the images to make them bigger:

January 1: Snow-less New Year's Day

January 2: Packing Christmas away

January 3: Winter Survival Kit

January 4: Starting the morning out right

January 5: Outside looking in

January 6: Ugly day

January 7: Gabby

January 8: Cupcake-decorating party

January 9: Stuff Christians Like: drinking coffee at church

January 10: Melt my Heart - Little Miss Auburn fell asleep in Luke's arms

January 11: White Out

January 12: Experiencing Arizona - The San Xavier Mission

January 13: Touring Tombstone - poker table at the Birdcage Theater

January 14: Sedona - love at first sight

January 15: Seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time

January 16: Beautiful red rock mountains on the Soldiers Pass Trail

January 17: Shopping in Tubac

January 18: Saying goodbye to Arizona

January 19: I seem to have acquired a few books while on our trip...

January 20: Ellie being lazy

January 21: Luke's latest creation

January 22:

January 23: Cabin fever sets in

January 24: Ellie, peeking

January 25: Getting tired of gray skies

January 26: Trying out Luke's new toy - an HD projector

January 27: Missing Arizona. This Christmas ornament is staying out all year long

January 28: Girls Night! I'm going to need to go on a diet after this...

January 29: Out to a breakfast date with Luke

January 30: Church building progress in the cafe

January 31: Cotton candy clouds on my way to work

And that rounds out January! I was stuck inside a lot, which didn't give me a huge chance to get lots of great pictures. But at least I had my week in Arizona to be outside a lot of the time! Unfortunately, I'm afraid I'm going to be stuck inside during much of February, too. At least Valentines Day helps to break up the month a bit!


  1. aww these are fabulous! love your kitties! =) my husband has a cat that is his baaaaaaby! <3



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