Thursday, February 10, 2011


Just a little plug to start out: My first post is up on the In My Twenties blog! It's all about dating and making quality time for our significant others. Go check it out! :-)


Life has become even easier to document now that I have my iPhone! Like any blogger, I of course find this absolutely thrilling!

Since I have no time for a real post, here are a few snapshots from this week. And as a side-note, this phone takes better pictures than my camera if the lighting is good. There's no denying it...

Saturday: Ellie was being her adorable self, sleeping on my stomach while I browsed for apps all morning.
Sunday: Gabby had a rare moment of not-being-demon-possessed and she jumped up on the recliner to lounge with JC during our Super Bowl party.
She's evil AND she's obsese, but who wouldn't love that face?!

Monday: Loving the entertainment center Luke made so much that I took a picture of it. This is after making my first vlog about itTuesday: I saw this at Walmart and thought it was so funny that I couldn't NOT take a pictureThis was also the night that I made my chili.

Wednesday: Baked some of these Pillsbury pre-made cookies. I love them so much, and they are way too cute
Thursday: I had a 2-hour delay this morning because of the Arctic temperatures. Gabby thought it was cold too, so she snuggled up under the covers while I was in the shower and before I had made the bed
And this afternoon I had a chance to tour the children's wing of our new church building. It is getting close to being finished! Check out these amazing paintings, painted right on the wall!Love it!!

That's all I can muster for this evening. I'm looking forward to a restful weekend after this crazy week!


  1. I loved you post today on In My Twenties!! Wonderful....great reminder for all of us!

  2. Your IPhone does take great pictures! It's almost like an SLR.

    I cannot wait to check out the church, the children's wing looks adorable.


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