Sunday, January 3, 2010

Goodbye, Christmas

Today is my last day of break. A little bittersweet (more bitter than sweet). It has been a fabulous break, but I just don't know what happened to it! It seems like just yesterday we were having our last day Christmas parties with the kids at work!

Yesterday we spent the day packing all of our Christmas decorations into boxes, and placing them in the furthest corner of our attic. I have a hard time with this every year! It's like a physical representation of my favorite time of year ending, and my least favorite time of year beginning. Today Luke took our Christmas tree out and burned it. So sad! It had become such a part of our living room :-P

Although it's sad to see the Christmas season ending, I'm ready for what this winter has in store. Today I went out and bought some workout clothes so I'm ready to get started on my New Year's resolutions (they ended up not fitting, but at least I'm taking steps in the right direction! :-P) Also, I'm having so much fun with Project 365! It's so fun to take pictures throughout the day and then pick just one to post that represents my day on the blog. And I have been reading a lot in order to reach that resolution as well. I'm already halfway through "The Shack," so pretty soon I'll be able to post my very first book on my "Books I've Read in 2010" list! These resolutions are really giving me something to work toward this winter, and distract me from the fact that I hate it so much :-P

Also, Luke and I have so much to keep us busy this winter! that will help keep the winter blues at bay. We are about halfway finished with our attic room renovations, so that will keep us busy. The painting's done, we should have our carpet installed sometime in the next week or two, and after that it's just minor details we have to finish. There has been talk about possibly buying a nice couch, too! I really hope we do. I've decided not to post anymore pictures until we're completely done, though, so I can't wait until the big reveal :-) Also we will then need to turn our current living room into our dining room, and make some more changes in our kitchen. I will share pictures when the time comes!

So although it really stinks that Christmas is over, I think this winter won't be so bad. Last year, winter was really hard on me for some reason. But I think this winter will be much better! :-)

Our pastor did a sermon today about not being afraid, and just trusting God, staying in the word, and just going for it, and reaching our goals this year. It was really inspirational, and just what I needed to hear. Joshua 1:9 was one of the key verses for his sermon, and I really want to make it my key verse for 2010:

"Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go." ~ Joshua 1:9


  1. Praying this winter is much kinder to you

  2. I hope you survive the winter alright!

  3. I put all my decorations away too...kinda bitter sweet, but next year they will come out again!! :-) I love your project 365! Have fun with it!!

  4. Putting away Christmas decorations is never fun, I'm dreading doing that this week.

    I think you were sitting in front of me in church today, but I didn't see you afterwards to say hi! We went with Aaron's boss and his wife, we hadn't been to that church in a few years.

    Good luck with your resolutions :) We decided to stick with finanical "goals" this year!

  5. Ashley, I wish I had seen you! I hurried up to the stage to ask Luke a question after the service.

    Good luck with your resolutions :-)

  6. I am right with you on winter blues! After Christmas is always hard!

  7. Love your Resolutions, and it sounds like you're off to a great start!! I know what you mean about the "winter blues"...

  8. I love that verse you posted, filled with such hope!!

  9. I'm with you, I hate putting Christmas decorations away! Ours are still up. I probably won't put them away until this weekend, just to make Christmas last a little longer!


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