Thursday, January 14, 2010


My cats LOVE their treats. Especially Gabby...she would do anything for one of them! I try to always have some on hand. For Christmas, I gave Gabby and Ellie little stockings full of their coveted treats.

I always keep their treats on top of the refrigerator. So I had their two little stockings on top of the refrigerator, and every other day or so, I'd reach up and grab them, the cats would come running, and they'd enjoy a few treats.

Recently Gabby has started to get very demanding of her treats. In the past week or so, every time I even walk toward the kitchen, she runs around the corner, starts crying, and walks to the refrigerator. It's cute and funny, yet also quite annoying.

Tonight, Gabby did her usual routine of crying in front of the refrigerator. I wanted to butter her up before her vet appointment tomorrow, so I decided I'd give her a few. I reached up for the stockings. Lo and behold, they were both completely empty! I know there had been a little bit left in each the last time I got them down. I got up on a chair so I could see if maybe they had spilled or something. As I climbed up on the chair, Gabby made a running start for the window sill. She bounced off of the window sill, onto the radiator, and from there she sprang right up to the top of the fridge! I couldn't believe it! Apparently Gabby had climbed up on the fridge, and proceeded to eat the rest of the treats! What a little sneak! I thought it was adorable, though, and couldn't be mad for long. I guess I'll have to find a new hiding spot!

I'm so glad my cats keep life interesting! Gabby is actually the more mellow cat (albeit the evil, mean one, as well!) Ellie is the real crazy one, because she's still just a kitten. So yeah, there's never a dull moment here with the two of them!


  1. Soo funny -- my dog does the same thing and starts DANCING around the island and running around like a crazy dog wanted dinner!!

  2. My pups have a doggy dance when the treats come out, too! It's so cute (but you're can be totally annoying, too!)

  3. Gotta love our animals (aka: babies). I have a little something for you over at my blog! :-)

  4. aw, your cats are too cute!
    our dog gets so excited about treats. he has a cabinet with all his stuff in it and he is always standing next to it. as if he deserves a treat any time he pleases! ha!

  5. Gabby has such a colorful personality!

  6. bwhaha...that cracks me up! Hope you find a betting hiding spot! :)


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