Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Wonderful Weekend

This weekend ended up being so relaxing and just great! It got off to a great start with my snow day on Friday. I stayed home all day and evening and didn't do a whole lot of anything. It was great!

Yesterday Luke and I spent the entire day tearing up the ugly old carpet in the attic. It took us hours because it's a huge room, and we had to take out all the tack strips and staples and everything. Somehow I got the job of taking out the tack strips, and my back is absolutely killing me today! But it did make me feel pretty tough, pounding, smacking, ripping, get the idea :-) We should be getting the new carpet any day now. I've decided not to post any pictures until we're completely finished with the renovations, so stay tuned! ;-)

This morning Luke, our friend JC, and myself headed to our favorite after-church hang out: The Hot Dog Shoppe. This little restaurant has become our favorite. We somehow end up sitting in the same booth every week, and I think pretty much all the waitresses know we come after church most Sundays. It's not a fancy place, but they have the BEST cheesburgers and fries I've ever had. Hands down. I'm not sure what it is about the place, but when we are there, everything feels right with the world :-) Check out my Project 365 blog for a hilarious picture of JC and Luke piggin' out!

I wish I could say I did something productive with my afternoon. But I did not. I spent the entire afternoon playing around in Photoshop. Do you notice the new signature at the bottom of my posts? Yeah, that's what I did with my afternoon. It took me hours to design and then figure out how to add to my blog. HTML codes will be the death of me :-P But do ya like it??

I feel like I'm running out of post topics because not too much has been going on ever since Christmas and New Years. I've basically just been hanging out at home with Luke and the kitties :-) I do have a four-day weekend coming up next weekend, though, so hopefully I'll have SOMETHING to write about then!

Have a blessed week!


  1. Hahaha, that happens to me all the time... mean to just sit down for a minute to look at blogs or email or whatever and next thing I know... hours have gone by! ha

  2. My husband took up the carpet in 2 of our rooms. It was much harder than I thought!

  3. I love weekends that are relaxing!! I am so happy you enjoyed your weekend!! I saw the picture on project 365, so funny!!!! :-)

  4. glad you had a good weekend! :)
    your signature turned out really cute!!
    i do the same thing on the computer, start reading blogs and totally lose track of time!

    p.s. new follower here!

  5. I love reading your blog and so... you have a blog award waiting for you at

  6. I love long weekends with nothing planned...being productive is highly overrated! LOL

    Good job on the signature...I still haven't gotten around to doing one of my own. Maybe someday...

  7. Ove your little recap. Hope you have a wonderful week yourself! Your signature is super cute.

  8. Oops I meant to type "Love" your little recap. Sorry about that :)

  9. Oops I meant to type "Love" your little recap. Sorry about that :)

  10. I hate it when I have a blogging-block and can't think of anything to write about! Sounds like a good weekend though - Yay for new carpet!


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