Monday, January 25, 2010

Winter Love

I'm so shocked that I'm not hating winter yet this year! It probably helps that it's been in the upper 40s here lately. This weekend it really has felt like early March with high temperatures and lots of rain. The winter blues have not set in yet, and I think by this time it's safe to say that they're not going to (knock on wood!)

Last year I think I was actually close to being depressed at this time of year. I hated just about every minute of the winter months. I didn't want to leave the house and had no energy. As a result, I laid around and sulked, my house turned into a serious nightmare, and I found no joy whatsoever in my job. I am praising God tonight that this winter hasn't been that way at all. On the contrary, I'm actually quite enjoying it!

I'm loving that I've had a lot of time to just hang out at home. I'm completely content to come home from work, tidy up the house a little bit, watch Dr. Oz, make dinner, eat, and clean up dinner, read a little bit, do some laundry, catch up on blogging, spend some time with Luke and the babies, er, cats, watch a TV show or two, and head to bed early. This is how most of my evenings play out. Call me boring, but I really enjoy it!

Our weekends have been so much fun this winter, too. Since we've been staying in during the week so much, we've been going out and having fun on the weekends. Take last weekend for example...we ordered pizza, played a lot of Rock Band, headed out on the town on Saturday night (we went shopping, out to eat, and to see Avatar in was pretty good! It's worth seeing for the effects alone), hung out a lot with JC who is becoming like a brother to us (A few weeks ago I told him our kids are going to call him Uncle JC! lol), watched some TV and movies at's just a fun time all around!

I am praising God because I was expecting to have an absolutely miserable January (always the month that is the hardest on me) and it has been beyond great! Last fall was hard with all of our car troubles and me being sick all the time (which praise God has also cleared up due to some changes I've made...maybe I'll write about that sometime) and I'm just really glad that this winter has been relatively problem free, and also a whole lot of fun!

I can't lie, though, I'm missing the lazy days of summer. I miss sleeping in, not having an agenda, staying up late, having more exciting things going on and consequently more things to take pictures of and more blog topics. But this winter has been pretty great too.

I think I used entirely too many run-on sentences and parenthesis in this post. I apologize :-P


  1. I've always loved our mild winters here in the South, but this year I am ready for summer!

  2. Yay! Glad this winter is treating you kindly!

  3. I am happy yo hear that you are okay/enjoying the winter weather. I know you were worried about it!!! :-)

  4. Yea for it not being as cold as normal there! But I'm with you, I'm still ready for summer! Or atleast spring!

  5. We are waiting for lots of snow/ice this weekend... so :(

    But Old Navy just shipped my 2 new spring dresses, so something "spring-y" to look forward to! haha

  6. I think my husband and I are boring too! We're both content to just stay home, order in, and play with our kitty. I am ready for spring though too. We had a good week and a half of rain very un-California like.

  7. I'm glad you are having a good Winter so far! My winter blues usually hit around March - so we'll see how it is this year!


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