Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I wrote a post about babies a little bit ago, but really just was not feeling it! So I deleted it, and thought instead I'd just do a quick random post.

*I broke my first string on the violin today! Oops...I was trying to tune it and it just snapped! I think it needed to be replaced anyway. Luckily, Luke is going to Guitar Center on Friday and I'm going to have him pick up a new string for me, and we're going to attempt to replace it. So much for practicing before the weekend!

*I'm in a new Bible study and we are studying the book "Crazy Love" by Francis Chan. I haven't started the book yet, because I still haven't gotten my hands on a copy, but from what I heard, it's amazing, and I can't wait! I'll keep ya posted on the book, and let ya know what I think :-)

*Luke and I have now been married for over a year-and-a-half. Which means we've FINALLY been married for as long as we were engaged. I don't know how I was able to stand being engaged for that long. I would not do it that way again. I mean, we had a couple sets of friends who started dating AFTER we got engaged, and got married BEFORE us. Anyway, I can't believe we are already six months into our second married year together! It is going a lot faster than our first year, and sometimes I wish time would just slow down a little bit.

*I have a four-day-weekend coming up with absolutely nothing planned. I sort of wish Luke and I could take a spontaneous weekend trip or something. I almost proposed the idea to him, and then realized we just have way too much going on financially (i.e. buying new carpet, furniture, and a few other things in the works). So I guess I'll just be chilling at home some more. Maybe we can fit a date night or two in there somewhere :-) Or if I'm LUCKY, maybe a trip to Ikea in Pittsburgh. I'm itching to go there since I haven't in SUCH a long time!

*I was bored during my lunch break today and somehow stumbled upon a website that tests to see how many words per minute you can type. So of course I had to take the test! Apparently I type 90 wpm! Which I was excited for, because if you watch The Office at all, then you know that that's how fast Pam types! I think it's all these long blog posts that have increased my typing speed so much :-P

*It's supposed to be almost 40 degrees the next couple of days. That's practically tropical compared to what we've been experiencing in the past few days. I'm pumped! And the sun was actually shining today :-) Haven't seen that in awhile.

Have a great Wednesday!


  1. I have a four-day weekend, too! I'm so excited!

  2. Woohoo for being married 2+ years! Our 4 month engagement felt like FOREVER!

    Enjoy your long weekend!!!!

  3. Oops. read year and a half and my brain thought over two years. sorry! either way congrats to you guys!

  4. Yay for being married for a year and a half! Our anniversaries must be within weeks of each other!

  5. Crqazy Love, itd a wonderful book. I read it for the Bloom book club last will push you...and I believe that is what we as christians need sometimes!! Be ready for a great read, as well as expanding your faith!! :-)

  6. I love Ikea and long weekends with no plans. . . and date nights with my husband and good books.
    Hope the rest of your weeks goes well!

  7. i just started teaching an adult her first violin lesson. she loved it! i hope you enjoy learning to play such a wonderful instrument!

  8. wow...ya'll had a long engagement! Our three month engagement felt long. Happy 18 months though. And you're right...sometimes I wish I could slow time down a little bit. :)

  9. I am going to have a 13 month engagement, once its through! It does seem long at times, but I'm glad I'm waiting 'til I'm done with my associates.

    I'm really interested in what you think about Crazy Love. I just saw it the other day and I'm curious about it. I really like your blog! Found you through Brittany at Far More Than Rubies.

    God bless!


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