Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I feel like I haven't slept in days, yet I got a healthy eight hours last night. I could barely keep my eyes open on the way home from work tonight, and I would really rather curl up on the couch for a nice, long nap after writing this than going downstairs to clean the house like I'm going to have to do. I don't know what is going on with me! My house is a complete wreck, I have clean laundry all over the place that is not even folded, much less put away. I haven't made a good, home-cooked meal in at least a week. I've been keeping my hair up and barely putting on any make-up in the morning before work. My blog posts have been admittedly lame lately, and I accidentally missed 2 days of my Project 365! I am just beyond tired, and I have no idea why. I'm chalking it up to the fact that I haven't gotten to sleep in for weeks, even on the weekend, and I'm just very weary from being frozen all the time. Thank goodness the days are slowly but surely getting longer!

This weekend I am helping at 30 Hour Famine all weekend, and next weekend I have to travel to YSU to judge a DI tournament EARLY on Saturday morning (I will explain what DI is eventually :-P). The weekend after that, though, I am going to take it easy, have some fun, and relax a little bit! My sanity needs it.

Until then, I think my strategy is to just not sit down until everything is done. Because once I sit down, whether it's right after work or at 8:00 at night, it is a major chore for me to work up the motivation to get moving again. Seriously. And as far as the blogging goes, I think I'm putting too much pressure on myself! Lately I've been trying to write what I think other people will like to read. Consequently, blogging is not as much fun as it used to be, and has become just another chore. I don't want it to become that! So I'm going to write whatever I feel like writing. I'm not going to worry about whether other people are going to think it's interesting or not. I think if I do that, it will become a lot more fun again and less of a chore. Consequently, I think it will be more interesting.

Well I'm off to start tackling some tasks on my to-do list. I've let things go for way too long! I think once I'm up and moving, I'll get my second wind!

Also motivating me is the fact that it will soon be spring. When the weather warms up, I always get a huge burst of energy that lasts for weeks. Probably because of the vitamin D that I'm finally getting after months and months without much of it. I know that winter is all but over, and I doubt we'll have any more huge snow storms (KNOCK ON WOOD!!!) It's supposed to be in the 40s a lot this week and next week, so I can officially see the light at the end of the tunnel. Temperatures in the 40s would feel positively steamy in comparison to the weather we've had all winter. It makes me feel better to know that THIS is right around the corner:
I took all of these pictures last spring at my house and my moms' house. Can't wait for more photo-ops like this again! My project 365 blog definitely needs some life like this!


  1. I LOVE those pictures! You did a fabulous job with them :)

    I will definitely be praying for you. I know how you feel because I'm starting to fall into that "I'm-super-tired-don't-want-to-do-anything" kind of funk. I'm hoping it's just the yucky weather and with spring just around the corner...things will get better!!

    As far as blogging goes...WOW...I also feel the same as you. I've been getting these emails from a couple different sites that want me to join them and start blogging for them. WHAT????? I can't even manage to get a post up about my own life (well, today I did)!!! So, I also have decided that I will just blog about whatever I WANT to blog about it and will be all good!!!!! Again, which is exactly what I did today. I know nobody will really care about what I wrote today, but I cared, so I wrote about it! :)

    Girl, you take it easy. Write about what you want to write about and I'll still read it. And just take care of yourself!!!!

  2. I know the feeling! Once I'm home, on the couch, there is no moving me! I have to go go go if I need to get stuff done. Because once I stop, I'm done.


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