Tuesday, March 2, 2010


First order of business in my miscellaneous post is THE BACHELOR.
Ugh. I had a feeling he was going to pick Vienna, but I was still really disappointed when it actually happened. During Jillian's season, Jake was the "nice guy." He was the really sweet one that had good morals, always did and said the right things, and seemed too good to be true. And Tenley was the female equivalent of that in Jake's season. I just thought they were both so sweet! I thought they'd have the perfect little family if they got together! And then there's Vienna who was the "bid girl." The one who didn't get along with anyone, said rude comments with no tact, and was very immature. I really think that choosing based on physical chemistry was a mistake!! I think it's only a matter of time before Jake realizes Vienna is immature, needy, and rude, and he will be begging to have Tenley back! Oh well, his loss. I wish Tenley was going to be the next Bachelorette. I didn't like Ali as much. I thought she stirred up drama with the girls (especially Vienna) and for some reason got on my nerves. I know this is not the popular opinion, as most people LOVE Ali. But even though she's not my favorite, I'm sure I'll be tuning in when she's the next Bachelorette!

Sidenote: I've never watched Dancing with the Stars before, but with Jake and Kate Gosselin on this season, I might start!

Next order of business: GLEE
I was home alone most of the day on Saturday, and in my boredom, stumbled upon some episodes of "Glee" online. And I can't get enough! I feel a little bit like a nerd, because I think Glee is a slightly more grown up version of High School Musical (I mean, I've never watched HSM, but I'm guessing it's similar). But I love it! The story lines are so ridiculously "out there." (i.e. a woman FAKING her own pregnancy to her husband? Yeah, who does that?!) But it's like crack...I just can't stop watching! I HAVE to know what happens next! It doesn't hurt at all that every ten minutes, the glee club breaks out in songs like "Defying Gravity," "Imagine," and "Lean on Me," cheesy choreography and costumes included. It just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside :-P I was in show choir in high school, and I must say that my experience was certainly nothing at all like glee club is portrayed in the show. But it still brings back memories! Does anyone else like this show??

And finally, let's talk about my vacation to Orlando! I want to thank everyone for your suggestions and advice. We just found out that we may have a couple to go with us, though, so our plans may be changing significantly. Instead of staying at a hotel, we may stay at a condo. Some condos I found are just about the same price as hotels. But 2 couples can stay in them, and we'd get our own kitchen. We'd only be paying half the price for the condo if we went with someone! And we might drive instead of fly since we'd have more people to take turns driving. That way, we wouldn't have to pay for a rental car or worry about catching a hotel shuttle bus. I think it's pretty close to being a sure thing that we're going, and with all the money we save, we may be able to spend an extra day at the parks! So we'd be at Disney for two days, and Universal for two. If it all works out, I think I'll have to do a post sometime about how to do Orlando on a budget....we are looking at spending less than $800 on everything except food. I bet you're sick of hearing about this already, but I'm so excited!

Anyway, happy Tuesday!


  1. I was so upset he picked Vienna too!

  2. I know what you mean! I love Glee! I can't wait for Season 2!

  3. I cant believe the outcome of the show. I so wanted Tenley to WIN!!

  4. I was SO sad he didn't pick Tenley.

    I started watching Glee this year. It's so good! (I even bought the soundtrack :)

  5. Keep posting stuff like this i really like it


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