Monday, March 15, 2010


Lately I:

*Experienced my first sunny/warm days of the year last week when it was in the 60s! Spring is right around the corner.

*Went out for ice cream and then to see "Alice in Wonderland" with Mom and Julie. I struggled to keep my eyes open the entire movie. I think it was weird and good, but I was really too tired to form an opinion.

*Celebrated my grandma's 86th birthday.

*Have been writing a lot of poetry for my creative writing class, and have learned that I really don't care for poetry. I don't like reading it, and I DEFINITELY don't like writing it.

*Completed my first violin instruction book, and have moved on to book 2. I don't play very many squeaky notes anymore, but I'm still having a hard time staying in tune. This instrument is so hard to play!

*Have watched reruns of DVRd episodes of [17][18][19] Kids and Counting like it's my job. I love the Duggars!

*Have been way too busy on the weekends. You have NO IDEA how excited I am to be able to sleep in next Saturday for the first time in 28 days (yeah, I counted).

*Have been turned into a zombie because of the time change. Why do I seem to need so much more sleep now that I'm older and have a "real" job?? Why is working with kids sooo tiring?? Losing an hour of sleep did not help any of this.

*Have been planning our vacation like crazy. We may be going to Orlando in October now instead of June. We shall see.

And that's it. I am just too busy lately to spend time on quality blog posts, so I apologize! I should have some more interesting things coming up in the near future, and also some more spare time to spend on my blog. So stay tuned!


  1. I am happy spring is just about SPRING!!! Hope you have a wonderful week!!!! :-)

  2. Oh, thank heavens for spring! And I know what you mean about exhaustion! I'm pooped recently from work, too!

  3. Thank goodness for spring and the warm weather!! And yay for a vacation coming up!

  4. You have been busy, girl! Three cheers for spring and DVR's! :)

  5. Wow your grandma just celebrated 86 congrats! You busy girl you!


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