Saturday, March 20, 2010

Welcome Back, Spring!

I feel so alive this morning! Today was my first day to sleep in in about a month. However, at 8:15, I was wide awake, the sun was shining, and the birds were singing. I didn't want to spend another minute of the day lying in bed. Normally when I sleep in, I wake up groggily sometime between 9:00 and 10:00 AM. But I have a feeling today is going to be a special day, and I want to be up and ready to embrace it!

Now that I'm up, the only problem is figuring out how to spend this day. I really want to go out and do something! I think I'll definitely take a walk later when it warms up more. A bike ride sounds divine, but the only problem is that I don't own a bike! So I guess that's out :-P I'll have to fix that problem soon! a nice lunch or dinner somewhere with tables outside would be great! Shopping at an outlet mall like Aurora Farms would be glorious! (That idea sounds so appealing, I just messaged my sister to see if she would be down for a trip to AF later today :-)). It is sunny, warm, and beautiful! I have absolutely nothing on the agenda for today, Julie is home because of spring break, and it just feels like everything in the universe has lined up to provide us with a PERFECT day!

It doesn't hurt at all that today is the first day of spring! We are done with winter for another 9 months! I survived it for another year! There is no sign of freezing temperatures or snow in the ten-day forecast, we have finally removed the plastic from some of our windows, we are about to retire the space heater to the closet, and all of my boots have been cast to the back of my closet. it's time for ballet flats!! Not flip flops quite yet, but I'm happy with being able to wear ballet flats since the snow is absolutely gone for good! (knock on wood).

Since I'm just so excited for spring (despite my negative post from the other day!), here is a list of things I hope to be able to do this spring (a glorified to-do list. You know how I love those!)

1. Have lunch one Saturday at Andrea's Garden. It is a cute little cafe in town that has only all-natural items on the menu. I have never been there before, but have heard so many other people rave about it.

2. Buy a bike! haha....or borrow one and go bike-riding with Luke.

3. Hit up an insane number of garage sales with my mom.

4. Do some deep spring cleaning

5. Visit Amish country! (little back-story: my parents used to drag me and my sister to Amish country about once a year or so. We hated it, and were bored out of our minds. Now that I'm older, I find myself missing those memories with my family. Isn't that funny? And especially since I've been reading some Beverly Lewis novels, I can't wait to go spend some time shopping and eating there, and maybe touring an Amish home. I'm not sure if I will go in the springtime or summer, but I am determined to visit at least once this year).

6. Play some tennis when it gets nicer

7. Make the outside of our house look pretty!

8. Take lots of pictures of flowers

I think that's enough for now. Happy first day of spring! What do you hope to accomplish or experience in this new season?


  1. It's SNOWING here in Northwest Arkansas!! Yesterday it was 70 and beautiful... today we are having snow flurries and it's super cold. WHYYY? haha.
    We have a bike in the garage that Eric tried to sell and I begged him to let us keep it. I'm totally doing some bike riding this summer! :)

  2. I like your new background, Jessica! Your Spring to-do list is a good one. I should make a list too!


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