Sunday, March 21, 2010

Weekend Recap

This has been such an amazing weekend! I had almost no obligations all weekend, and really got to do my own thing and enjoy the sunshine! Aside from sleeping a lot and watching a lot of March Madness basketball games with Luke, here is how I spent my weekend:

Saturday morning, Julie (my sister) and I made the hour drive to Aurora to go shopping at the outlet malls. It was kind of a long drive, but I enjoyed it because it was so beautiful. We got there and spent the entire afternoon strolling along through the sidewalks, into the stores, and around the lake. It was insanely busy since it was probably the nicest Saturday we've had yet this year. It was warm enough to go without a coat, but cool enough to still be 100% comfortable. The sun was shining and there was a light breeze. We had the most fun in the kitchen gadgets stores, and had to laugh at some of the silly things we found. This one almost had us in tears, we were laughing so hard:
Waste plastic much??

When we entered Aeropostale, I remembered that at the bottom of my purse I had a gift card that I had received from Luke for Christmas. I had completely forgotten about it until we walked through the doors, so that was a nice surprise! I bought a few camis.

My favorite purchase of the day, though, had to be this:
It is LIP BALM from Yankee Candle Co., which is actually shaped like their candle jars! I thought it was just too cute, and I couldn't pass it up. They also had their 3-wick candles on sale, and I bought a mandarin-cranberry one for the living room. It smells sooo good! I love Yankee Candles!

We ended the day with a walk along the lake and some delicious pizza from the food court.
I had such a good time! I can't wait until we're both on summer break so we can do things like this more often.

Later last night, Luke and I chilled at home and watched "Up in the Air." I stayed awake for probably 3/4 of the movie, and then fell asleep for the last 1/4. It was really good until that point, so I will have to watch the ending sometime soon :-P I have such a hard time staying awake during movies! Our pastor has been showing movie clips from "Up" the past few weeks in his sermons. I fell asleep through most (almost all!) of the movie when Luke and I rented it, and I can tell from the clips that I missed a GREAT movie! So Luke ordered the blu-ray on Amazon so we can watch it again! I can't wait until it gets here :-) He said it was probably one of the best animated movies he's seen. (He does not seem to have the same problem staying awake during movies that I do :-p)

Today after church we skipped our usual Hot Dog Shoppe trip, and headed to BB Rooners, a sports bar/grill, instead, before shopping for a few groceries. Later, I went to a Mary Kay party hosted by my sister-in-law. I love Mary Kay! (Although it pretty much breaks my bank, so I don't order it very often). I was recruited to host my own party, so I'll be doing that in a few weeks. (Yay for free stuff :-P)

This weekend has been so much fun, and I'm a little sad to see it end. Seriously, what happened to it?! It went by so fast! Luckily, I have a lot of fun things going on this week: Bible study tomorrow night, creative writing class Tuesday night, and then on Friday we are heading to Akron to another TSO concert!! I'm so excited! We have gone every Christmas for the past few years, but I have never seen them do a non-Christmas concert. Did I mention that I'm super excited?!!

Also on the agenda in the near future, I may be purchasing an iPod Touch!! That way I will have all the apps of an iPhone, but won't have to pay for the monthly data plan. I got a Nano a few months ago, so If I sell that on eBay, the difference won't be too expensive. I haven't decided yet, though. Do you have one? If so, do you like it??

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Have a blessed week to come :-)


  1. You DID have a great weekend! Glad spring has finally come your way!

  2. I love going shipping!! :-) That sure does make a good weekend!!!

  3. That lip stuff sounds amazing!

  4. I have suuuch a hard time staying awake for movies. It's actually rather pathetic. I really want to see "Up in the Air" though!

    I have an iPhone so I'm spoiled...but I hear iPod Touch's are nice too! :)

  5. We put a movie on almost every night before bed.. and I usually don't even make it through 1/2 of it!! Ha

  6. Sounds like a great weekend. And yes, that knife company wasted too much plastic!!

  7. I'm with you, I absolutely love Yankee candles! I didn't know they made lip balm!


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