Saturday, June 4, 2011

How to Stretch Your Dollar: Groupon

Last Saturday I wrote about keeping track of and using what you have to save money. Today I'm going to highlight one of my new favorite ways to save money, and that is by joining Groupon!

For the past year, I've seen ads for Groupon all over the place. I've been curious about it, and finally decided to check it out. I saw on one of my favorite coupon blogs that someone got free tickets to the zoo by using it, so I had to join!

If you don't know, Groupon is a website where you can find deals on local attractions, restaurants, stores, hotels, and anything else you can think of. A minimum amount of people have to sign up in order to get the deal. The way it works is that Groupon promises businesses a minimum number of customers, so the businesses give great deals! It's great for everyone. I know I was asking myself, "what's the catch?" But there doesn't seem to be one.

In the past week, here are some of the best deals I've seen on Groupon:
  • $20 Old Navy voucher for $10
  • A 1-night stay at South Beach Resort Hotel in Marblehead, Ohio, right on Lake Erie for $99. Normal price is $219!
  • a $20 Indians ticket for $10
  • 2 Fandango movie tickets for $5!! $5 for BOTH of them! I thought that was great!
  • $20 tickets to a Brad Paisley concert at Progressive Field...normal price is $41
  • $15 for $50 worth of photobooks/cards/etc from Mixbook
And that was all just from 1 week! If you want to join, just go to Groupon's website, fill in your email address and your city, and then you're in! They will send you an email a day of a great deal! And sometimes you'll even get 2 or 3 in one day. You can also check their website daily for deals in other cities.

(I was not compensated at all for this post, and all opinions are my own. I just really like Groupon!)


And now for an update on my savings the week of May 29:

Walgreens: Saved $13.29 in sales and coupons
Giant Eagle: Saved $20.70

Total saved this week: $33.99

(34% savings based on everything I bought)

Total saved since May 22:


  1. We love Groupon in this house - Living Social, EverSave, and Plum District are also great! :)


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