Sunday, June 19, 2011

Week in Review

I've decided to start doing Week in Review a little differently, because recapping every single day got a little tedious, and it's getting too hard to remember all I did! So instead, I'm just going to highlight some of the fun things that I don't want to forget :-)

Highlights this week:

~ On Sunday we went out to lunch at Grinders with JC, Luke, and Maria. It was fun and delicious. Maria and I talked almost the whole time about couponing. What can I say? We are obsessed.

~On Sunday night, Luke and I watched a movie and it was nice :-) We had to stop the movie halfway through and watch the end of the Mavs/Heat game, and we were extremely happy to see the Mavs win. It's much more fun to watch Lebron choke after he's completely abandoned your team :-)

~ On Monday, I went out shopping with Mom and Julie, mostly for wedding stuff (It's next Saturday!!!!) We ate lunch at the delicious Penn Station, where I had a tasty sub and the best fries maybe ever (fried in sunflower oil, mmmmm). While mom and Julie shopped for wedding stuff, I perused the stores for craft ideas. I will be sharing some shortly! It was a fun day together.
~I spent a lot of my days this week at the church library again. We are making great progress! I love spending so much time there, and I feel like I've finally found my "niche" in a place to serve at church. It inspires me to read! So I also finished Here Burns my Candle and read half of Captivating this week.

~Tuesday night, my friend Rachel had a Pampered Chef party. I love Pampered Chef, and it was fun to hang out at the party with friends from church. I bought some flexible cutting boards which I think I will love! I also won the prize drawing, and won a reusable Pampered Chef grocery bag, and miniature bamboo spoons. I never win anything, so I was pretty excited :-)

~On Wednesday I met up with Sarah at Grinders for lunch together. It was so nice to see her, and hear all that she's been up to.
~I spent the afternoon on Friday lying out by the pool with my sister. It was a nice, relaxing time, but I regretted it later when my skin was the color of a lobster and screaming in pain.

~Friday night was such a fun night! Luke's whole family took his Dad to the Indians vs. Pirates game for Father's Day! It was dollar dog night, so as soon as we got to the field we all bought some hot dogs and sat on a picnic table on the upper deck concourse to eat. Then we made our way into the stands. Our seats were pretty high up, but right behind home plate. We had a pretty good view! It was a beautiful, perfect night, and the Indians won 5-1. After the game there were fireworks set to 80s music (it was 80s night). The fireworks show is always so great at Progressive Field, and one of my favorite things about summer. After the show, "Don't Stop Believing" was still blaring over the speakers, and I think everyone in the entire ballpark was singing at the top of their lungs. It was great.

Movies I watched this week: Just Go With it (B)

Books I'm reading: Ezra in the Bible, Finished Here Burns my Candle by Liz Curtis Higgs (excellent book!), and started Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge.

Songs I'm loving: Yours to Hold - Skillet

Favorite Picture this week:
TONS of yellow lilies around our house! I guess all that incessant rain this spring was good for something!

Things I'm looking forward to next week: Oh, nothing much...just MY SISTER'S WEDDING!!! I can't believe we're just a week away!! And of course I'm looking forward to all the wedding prep too, and the rehearsal dinner. It's sure to be one jam-packed, amazing week!!

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  1. I LOVE my flexible cutting boards! I actually need to get some new ones because mine are so beat up. They are a breeze to clean and just so stinkin' useful! :)

    "Just Go With It" was filmed at the resort Mike & I stayed at in Hawaii last year. We loved watching the movie to see all the cool places that we recognized!


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