Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Things That Make Me Smile

~ Back to school shopping.  You're never too old for that, right?  I had fun shopping the clearance section at Kohls today and found some good stuff!

~ Fall at Bath and Body Works.  They are having a sale on hand soap: 5 for $15!  I couldn't resist.  I didn't even let myself look at the fall candles yet, because let's be honest: I would have just gotten even more carried away.

~ Having a day when Pandora just "gets" me.  Know what I mean?  Favorite song after favorite song that just totally fits my mood.  Today I was in the car and What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction came on, and then Someone Like You by Adele, followed by Glee's version of We Found Love, and then Idina Menzel's Defying Gravity.  it was like Pandora was reading my mind.  (you can see how dorky my taste in music is, I guess.  No shame).  It's better than the days when Pandora plays I'm Yours a million times.  Okay Pandora, you killed that song for me two years ago.  Let's move on.  

~New headbands in the Etsy shop coming soon! I'm loving the new lacey elastic I found.  Just for a quick Etsy update, it is going well!  I've sold mostly to people I know irl, but I literally have not really listed the link to my shop anywhere, so this weekend I'm going to be busy trying to spread the word a little better.

~  I have my first day of orientations at Akron tomorrow!  It's going to be a pretty boring one because it's just orientation for the college of health professions.  We will be talking about riveting topics like: universal precautions, professionalism during clinicals and internships,  ethics, and student judicial affairs.  *Yawn.*  But I am just excited because it means we are almost to the start of the semester, and this long awaited journey is about to begin!  

~I'm also smiling because on Tuesday night I had to take a CPR class to renew my certificate.  I took it in Akron, and one of the six other people in my class was also taking it for SLP grad school at UA!  What a coincidence!  It was nice to talk to someone in the program, and to know there will be a familiar face in my orientations and first days of classes.  Plus, I think a few of my friends from my post-bac year will be in the program too, so it's nice to go into it knowing that I'll know a few people. 

~And to finish this post out, Parks and Recreation is still making me smile. Today I saw this episode, and laughed so hard at this part.  This is exactly what I sound like when I'm singing a song that I don't know the lyrics to:

I just wish I could have found a clip of the scene before this one when Leslie's singing it at the bar: "Can't read my, can't read my, no he can't read my poker face..blah blah blah blablabla blah."  I do that every time I sing that song. I still have no idea what those lyrics are.  Anyway, I always need a little Leslie Knope in my life.

Why are you smiling today?


  1. love finding good clearance deals! cute top! and Love your etsy headbands!

  2. I LOVE that blue shirt on you! I am a big fan of empire wasted shirts, I think they are so flattering!

  3. I miss back-to-scool shopping! I'm going to have to check out Bath and Body works soon - I can't resist their hand soaps. :-)


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