Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Lately I've been thinking about meditation a lot.

Praying is something that is easy enough - I just talk to God.  I'm a big talker, so that comes naturally for me.  Reading the Bible, although hard to do every day, is something that pretty much anyone who knows how to read can do.  Praise and worship?  Easy peasy...all I have to do is sing to my God. Not only does it come naturally, but that's one of my favorite things to do!

But meditation?  For me, that's where it gets more difficult.  I know we're supposed to meditate on the Word.  I know we're supposed to be still before the Lord, which to me is sort of like meditation as well.  But every time I try to do that, after about 5 seconds my mind has shifted to the 8 million things on my to-do list.  Or worse - it shifts to the default setting of my own brain which is worry.  Worrying is exactly the opposite of what we should be doing when we're meditating on God's word.

The past few days, I've decided I'd pick a few songs and try to meditate while listening to those, and that works a little better for me.  After I do this, I feel refreshed in a new sort of way.  The first song I've been using is the one I posted about the other day: Your Great Name - Natalie Grant's version.  The other song is Healer - Kari Jobe's version.  Both of these songs have a theme: God's healing power.  Lately my world has been inundated with sickness.  Not just my own (which is extremely minor in the grand scheme of things), but others who are close to me as well.  I'm simply listening to these songs and meditating on the words and just recognizing God's amazing power to heal!  For me, meditation is not something we do for ourselves, but something we do for God.  To show Him that we are awed by His power.  Although I must say, I walk away with a peace every time.

"Redeemer, my healer, Lord almighty.  My Savior, defender, You are my king!"

"I believe You're my healer.  I believe You are all I need.  I believe You're my portion.  I believe You're more than enough for me.  Jesus, You're all I need"

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  1. Haha, I'm the same way! It's hard to be still and listen some times. :) Great song choices, btw!


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