Friday, September 25, 2009

Cinnamon and Pumpkin

I titled this post "Cinnamon and Pumpkin" because that is what my entire house smells like right now. Starbucks' pumpkin cream cheese muffins are worth making just because of the way they make your house smell! And trust me, they taste delicious too! Although I'm afraid I overdid it with the cream cheese!
Luke's a little picky, and I have a feeling he won't like these too much. So I might bring some over to my mom and dad's tomorrow. I have a feeling I made more than we will ever be able to finish!
I also threw some ready-to-bake cookies in the oven because I thought Luke and JC might be hungry when they return from recording LATE tonight. Too cute, too easy, and too delicious!

I've been up to some other things today too, besides just baking:

I watched my cats become friends under the bedroom door
I saw the first few trees that have started changing colors
I went out to dinner with Luke to favorite part is always the free chips and salsa!
Luke ate the world's most giant burrito
I saw the most beautiful sky on the way home
And I wrote this entire post with one hand, because Ellie is sleeping in my left arm right now.

The guys won't be back for awhile, and it's already 11:00 (JC is staying here for the night since the guys are just waking up and heading straight back to the church in the morning to do more recording). So I guess it's just me, Gabby and Ellie for the rest of the evening. I think I'll either read some more of Breaking Dawn or watch DVRd episodes of Friends until I either fall asleep, or the guys get here. Whichever comes first!


  1. wow those muffins look great, Jessica! I'm sure the house smells like amazingness and fall all wrapped into one. So glad the cats are becoming friends!

  2. My house is right there, too. I made pumpkin muffin tops, and the smell alone was divine!

  3. I love the pictures of your cats playing under the door! How cute! Derek thought the last picture of Ellie under the door was really good (I thought it was so adorable that I had to show him)!

  4. AW! I love the cat photos! So adorable!!!

  5. How wonderful! I will give those muffins a try!! I love it when my house smells like cinnamon. And your little kitties are so adorable!!! So glad that they're getting along :-)

  6. I love when the leaves start to change colors! We go to a local Mexican restaurant and they serve free chips and salsa, too. That's my favorite part. Yum!


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