Monday, September 21, 2009

Meet Ellie!

It's official...Ellie is the newest member of our little family :-)
I know, I know...the cuteness is almost too much to handle! She's SUCH a sweetheart. I love Gabby and her fun, spunky (CRAZY) personality, but Ellie is really the exact opposite. She's really cuddly, and is totally laid back. She has just been laying around and sleeping in our arms all evening.

Gabby has been a little bit on edge. She did hiss once, and is not acting like herself. But other than that, she's been okay. I told her that she's the mean one, so she will be the first to go if we have problems, and then she straightened up :-P (And yes, I really told her that. Just ask Luke).

I'm so excited to have another one. And I promised Luke that this is our last pet until we move again.

I really don't think he minds her, though ;-)

(I'm secretly praying that Gabby and Ellie get along someday! I'm really stressed out about it, and I feel kind of guilty for making an impulse decision to bring Ellie home tonight. And it was an impulse decision, because we were a little bit on the fence about it until I saw her tonight and just couldn't NOT take her. I'm sure it will work out once they get used to each other...I hope!!)


  1. Aw Ellie is soooo cute!! :) :) :)

    You should check out:

  2. She is soo cute!!!! I love it!!! I hope the two of them get along with each other soon :)

  3. Hi Ellie!

    I'm sure they'll be friendlier in time.

    Praying for a peaceful transition!

  4. Aww so cute!!! I'm sure they will get to love each other. Gabby is probably feeling a bit jealous!

  5. She is soooo cute! I want one!
    Don't worry, it takes time, but I bet Gabby will get used to her soon. It's always that way with new pets in the house, at least for a little while.

  6. I want to snuggle with Ellie soooooo bad right now!! I just love her adorable face! How could you not, though?! ;)

    Thank you for introducing us to her. I hope to hear much more about her and of course...see lots more pics!

  7. Ellie is so cute i can't even stand it! I have been begging the hubs for a little kitty for so long..jealous!


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