Saturday, September 5, 2009

Saturday Night Musings

Wow, I just spent WAY too much time tonight playing around in Digital Image Pro. But how do ya like my new header?? I'm slowly learning to do a few new things with Digital Image Pro. And can you believe I JUST learned today how to download new fonts to my computer?? I think that's what sparked my need to makeover SOMETHING on my blog :-) I know the header's a little rough right now, but I'm just learning! Now if only I could figure out how to customize more elements on my page. I'll just take it one baby step at a time.

Today was spent at a softball tournament for Luke. I got home afterwards this evening and haven't done much of anything! I knew that as soon as work started this fall, my house would fall apart! I didn't even work today or yesterday, but I'm still completely tired! Last week sometime I wrote about how I wanted to make a rule that I can't go to bed with dishes in the sink or laundry in baskets. All I can do is laugh at that, now! Because my sink hasn't been empty in three days. And I'm pretty sure there's a load of laundry that's still sitting in the dryer from yesterday. AND this week Luke and I didn't eat at the table at all!! Ugh, I'm frustrated. And I'm mad at myself for playing in Digital Image Pro instead of cleaning the house tonight!

I'm really going through such a tough time right now making big decisions about my life. Last year I was so frustrated with my job, I really wanted to swear off teaching all together. But this week back to school has been so great! I remember what I love about teaching now, and am feeling so encouraged. But at the same time, my home is in shambles. I have fallen asleep early every night and haven't spent much time with Luke. I really wish I could do it all like some women can, but I just can't! It's so hard choosing between a career outside the home and being a stay-at-home mom someday. Especially now that I have such a positive attitude toward teaching (unlike last year).

If I could choose, and outside factors weren't a problem, I would want to be a stay-at-home mom. But then I almost feel selfish thinking that, because I feel like God can use me to reach more people if I teach. Whereas I would mainly be reaching out to my own family if I were a stay-at-home mom. But, hasn't God called us to raise up Godly, Christian children? Ugh, it's all so confusing!

So many questions, so few answers. But luckily, I don't have to make any big decisions anytime soon. And luckily I can pray and trust God to lead me in the right direction.

Psalm 37:4&5 says, "Delight yourself in the Lord, and He shall give you the desires of your heart. Commit your ways to the Lord, trust also in Him, and He shall bring it to pass."

Wow, it's so simple.

I have nothing to worry about. If I just trust, God will lead me in the right direction. And maybe I will be able to live my dream of being a stay-at-home mom someday. As long as we're trusting God, He will lead us and He will USE US. Whether we're in our homes, teaching at a school, preaching at a church, living in a foreign country, Working with Christians, or all non-Christians, etc. You get the idea :-)

So if you're going through a similar situation as mine, remember this verse and make it your own! It's so comforting to hear those words. Tattoo it in your mind, and never forget it! It has certainly brought me peace tonight :-)


  1. That verse is such inspiration to me right now! I needed that! You have no idea! Thank you dear friend!

    And love the new header!

  2. Thanks for such an encouraging post. And those women who work, spend time with their family, AND keep a clean house, yeah, they aren't real. lol.

  3. Those decisions are hard, I'll be praying for you! I personally think it's more important to make sure my own family is okay before I worry about focusing on reaching other people, because strong Christian families are at the foundation of a strong church and provide a great witness to the world (so in focusing on your family you are also reaching others, even though you may not know it). But many women can balance both things just fine too! And don't worry, my house also falls apart when I have a busy work week. I think it's almost impossible to keep your house up perfectly when you're working too.

  4. That is such a great verse. Knowing that God will always be there and all you have to do is trust in Him gives me such a sweet relief. I hope everything goes well for you as you start this new teaching yr. I will keep you in my prayers. Have a happy Labor day with your family and friends

  5. Hey GF, I'm getting caught up on some blog reading and I so missed your 1001 list. I'm doing Project 365 this year (2009). It's been challenging and rewarding, as most things are that you commit to doing.

    I found a new blog I think you'll really like about decorating for Christmas. Stop by and comment before Monday night, mention I sent you, and you'll have a change to win $100 worth of Christmas ornaments.

    Blessings, SusanD

  6. Great post! I have been trying to figure out what I want to do for now career/school wise also and have been thinking about making some changes as well. There's always a lot to think about, but I know whatever will be will be and God will lead me in the right direction. :) I'm happy you found your passion for teaching again, and I am sure that once you have babies you'll know what is the right thing to do in your heart.


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