Thursday, September 3, 2009

Don't Tell Luke...

But I'm a teeny, tiny bit excited about football season starting. (GASP!!)

I'm not sure what it is this year, but I'm kind of looking forward to football season (college football, that is). Maybe Luke's obsession with OSU is starting to rub off on me. Or maybe I'm just extremely excited for fall, and football is associated with fall. But I can't wait to start having football parties and actually watch the games on Saturdays! Who doesn't love a brisk fall day when you can spend time with friends eating delicious party food and watching football together?? (Why is food always involved when I'm excited about something??? :-P)

I'm almost embarrassed about my newfound non-hate for the sport. I've been so adamant about my dislike (okay, hatred) for it over the past 5 years. Who knows, in a few more years, I might be able to consider myself an actual TRUE FAN!! I should be a fan, we have an Ohio State-themed room filling the top floor of our house!

I guess I just want to embrace fall in all it's glory. So that means embracing football as well :-) I know it's still technically summer, but I am still pretending it's fall ;-) While we were on vacation, Mom, Julie and I went shopping one day, and we stopped in Bath and Body Works. We were busy smelling the fall scents, when I picked up a Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin scented candle. As I inhaled the intoxicating scent, I felt like I was in heaven. Seriously, this may be my favorite scent of all time. EVER. I told Mom and Julie that it smelled like comfort and home...perfect for fall or Christmas. Today as I sit here, I cannot get that candle out of my mind. I'm seriously considering driving all the way out to Bath and Body Works tonight simply to buy that candle ;-)

So anyway, I'm ready for fall, and for once, ready for football season! Apparently our loved ones can really change us, in ways we NEVER thought possible!! ;-)

Maybe I SHOULD admit to Luke that I don't hate the sport any more...then maybe he'd let me tag along on more days like this (the one and only Ohio State game that I've actually attended, back in like 2006)


  1. Derek is a huge college football fan too, and he's starting to rub off on me too! I have to admit, it is rather exciting to go to a game in person, and I've always loved having football on in the background. Maybe this year I'll actually WATCH the game though . . . instead of watching it while reading or cooking at the same time!

  2. The roles are semi reversed in our home. I have always, ALWAYS been a huge college football fan, but my husband started really getting into it in late high school (he comes from a baseball family,) so it's exciting to see him so psyched for the season! Of course, we are a house divided (he is for UGA and I am, and have always have been for the FLorida Gators!)

  3. aww you guys are so cute :) isn't funny how your hub's interest rub off on you in random ways?! enjoy football and fall :)


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