Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pizza and a Movie

I have a feeling that tonight's going to be a really good night (Hey, I kinda sound like Black-Eyed Peas!)

Luke and I sold my car yesterday! It's bittersweet, but it's okay, because I love my new car!!

I got a text from Luke yesterday while I was at work telling me that if there's a package in the mail, go ahead and open it because it's for me. But he wouldn't tell me what it was! I was going crazy by the time school finally let out and I was finally able to stop at the post office. Imagine my surprise when I received a box with THIS inside:
Not only is it an ipod, but it's a PINK ipod!! What could be more perfect? It was so awesome, because I was totally not expecting it at all. Luke's good at surprises like that ;-) The new car has no CD player, but has an ipod port instead. My old mp3 player wasn't compatible with it, so Luke used some extra money he had in paypal, and bought it for me! It pretty much made my day :-)

Tonight feels like it warrants a celebration for selling the car so quickly! (It's been on the market for about 2 weeks. The only place we advertised was on Craigslist, and we had the car sitting out in the parking lot of our church, plastered with "For Sale" signs. So I thought we did pretty good :-)) So I decided that tonight is Pizza-and-a-Movie night :-) I'm trying my hand at making a pizza/pizza dough from scratch for the very first time EVER! I often buy pre-made crust at the grocery store and make a pizza that way, and that tastes almost as good as homemade. But I thought I'd go the whole 9 yards this time :-)
After pizza, Luke and I are going to pop in a movie! Yesterday I rented "Passengers" at Family Video. I don't remember hearing of it before, but it was literally the ONLY movie in the New Releases section that looked like something both Luke and I would enjoy, and that we hadn't seen yet. (I think we may have a small addiction to renting movies :-P) It's a thriller, and I just watched the trailer...it looks really good! So I'm looking forward to a fun night tonight. I love staying in and enjoying just being here together!

So once again, all feels right with the world :-) Two times in one week, that's not bad!!


  1. That sounds like a great night! Congratulations on selling your car! That is so sweet and awesome of Luke to buy you the IPOD! I love the color, too!

  2. How sweet of him to surprise you with an iPod!
    I'm glad you guys sold your car - we're hoping a sale will go through with Derek's bike this week too - yay for getting rid of debt! *smile*

  3. Yum! I hope your dinner and a movie is fun, and that the pizza dough comes out well!

  4. What an awesome iPod! Way to go hubs!

  5. That's a really quit ipod. I have red one like that, and also use it in my car :) Congrats on selling the car

  6. Thank you so much!

    We made pizza for dinner too, not completely homemade, but as close as we get right now. Congrats on selling your car, that is such good news and the iPod surprise is so much fun :)


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