Friday, September 11, 2009

Things That Made Me Cry Today

It seems like the older I get, the more I cry. I think every time I have an emotion...ANY tear ducts react. Today seemed to be a REALLY emotional day. I don't even know why. There should be no hormonal reason why this is happening. Today was just any old random Friday. I thought it would be fun to make a list of things that either made me tear-up or all-out cry in the past 24 hours.

Midnight last night: I was lying in bed, just thinking. I started thinking about my job this year, and how it's going so much better than last year. I was just feeling so thankful and blessed that a few little tears dropped onto my pillow.

7:15 this morning: I was on my way to work and listening to the Christian radio station. A 9/11 survivor was on telling the story of how half of his body was burned in the World Trade Center, and he had surrendered to God that moment, and was able to just relax and know that he was about to see Jesus face to face. He said it was such an amazing, peaceful feeling, even though he was about to die. Miraculously, God spared his life that day. I was crying pretty hard by the end of it. I had to fix my make-up in my car mirror before I walked into the school building.

1:00 PM: I was in class with my students, when the regular ed. teacher asked how many of the students were going to Camp Fitch (a fun camp where all the 5th graders go for 3 days every fall). A lot of the students had concerns that they would not be able to pay the $102 fee for the camp. I had to hold back tears as I thought about how little some of these children have. It really is depressing.

2:35 PM: I was back in the car, on my way home from work. The Miley Cyrus song, "The Climb" came on. I normally hate her songs, but secretly enjoy this one. I really listened to the lyrics, and guess what...I teared-up a little bit. I'm very ashamed. First of all, how ridiculous is it that Miley Cyrus sings that song, and probably has everything she's ever wanted and more. It's silly for her to be singing those lyrics (I mean really. You can't even walk down an aisle in Wal-Mart without seeing her face plastered on something. She probably has enough money to buy her OWN mountain :-P)

3:50PM: I was drifting in and out of consciousness on the couch as I watched "Giuliana and Bill." I caught the end of an episode where Giuliana bought Bill a framed blueprint of their house with a plaque that says "Our First Home" on it. Bill tears up and tells Giuliana that his parents always had framed pictures of all their houses hanging on the walls. Then Giuliana says, "So did mine," in a choked-up voice. It was such a precious moment, I just couldn't stop a tear or two from escaping.

4:30 PM: Supernanny was on in the background while I worked on some things, and the frazzled mother said, "I feel like I'm ONLY a wife and mother now. That's all I am," as if that were a bad thing. I said to myself, "That's all I ever want to be more than anything!" And may have shed a few tears just because I feel so passionately about that.

5:00 PM: I was writing this post and wrote about the 9/11 survivor. I had an encore cry-sesh remembering his story.

5:15 PM (5 minutes ago): Luke decided it would be funny the hang Gabby's favorite string over my face while I peacefully typed. Before I could realize what was going on, Gabby ran and jumped for that thing with all the might in her body, and landed right on my face with a claw in my chin. I gave Luke the death stare, and he just said, "What? Gabby did it!" I couldn't help but laugh. But when Luke left the room I shed a few tears of genuine physical pain.

Let's hope I can keep my emotions under control for the rest of the evening :-P


  1. I'm a cryer, too:( It's hard to stop once you start, isn't it?

    Unless you have another reason to be so emotional you're not telling us...(wink, wink, nudge, nudge!) Sorry! YOu know me and the you know whats!

  2. Haha, Brittany, I wish I had a reason!! lol..but nope, I'm just a crier :-)

  3. I cry more as I get older, too! I'm happy I'm not the only 24 year old who starts to cry at the most random things!


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