Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2009 Part III: The Memories I Made

I'm having so much fun looking back on 2009! Today I thought I'd look back on my memories of this year.

1. My only memory from last January is just being cold. All. the. time. It was an extremely brutal winter last year, and I didn't cope very well. I spent most of it curled up by the space heater. Let's hope 2010 is not quite so bad!
2. I had a fun Valentines Day. Luke made me breakfast, and then later I made him his favorite meal for dinner and we went to see a movie.
3. Luke's band had their first big gig: opening for Remedy Drive!
4. I helped at 30 Hour Famine one weekend in February. (the youth raise money for world hunger and then fast for 30 hours). I was official juice-break girl, and also took a lot of pictures for the slide show they showed at church that Sunday. It was a great weekend!
5. We had the first bonfire at our new house in March. All of our friends came over and we froze our butts off, because I think it was still a little too early. But it was a fun night!
6. My grandma moved into one of our downstairs apartments in April. My mom and dad worked really hard to make her apartment so nice!
7. On May 2 we celebrated Luke's 25th birthday with family and friends at another bonfire at our house.
8. Mom and I visited Julie at her apartment one weekend. We spent a lot of time watching chick flicks, shopping, and even visiting the Akron Zoo. It was the first weekend of summer vacation, and such a fun way to spend it!
9. I spent countless evenings at Luke's church softball games. It was fun to chat with all the ladies and also to watch a little bit of softball ;-)
10. Some great memories were made 4th of July weekend! One night we went to one of the parks where Luke works to play cornhole, and then sit on blankets and watch fireworks once it got dark. Then the next evening, we went to our friends' 4th of July party where there was swimming, games, FOOD, and more fireworks!
11. July 12 was our 1 year anniversary. We celebrated by going out to dinner at Macaroni Grill and then to see "The Proposal." The next evening my parents made us a steak dinner to celebrate, and we ate the top layer of our wedding cake. What a fun celebration of our first year of marriage!12. During playoff week when Luke didn't get to come home between work and his softball games, I would bring us a picnic dinner in the park. Oh how I love picnics on lazy summer nights!
13. One late August night, we spontaneously went out to BW3's with a group of our friends. This was just one of those really fun nights when everything feels right with the world. Everyone came over afterwards to watch a movie, and we didn't get to bed until well past midnight. But fun times with good friends are worth losing a little sleep :-)14. One of the best things that happened this year was Ellie! Our little kitten :-) We took her home sometime in September. I know it sounds silly, but she really has brought so much joy into our home! I've always been a dog person, and I didn't know I could love a cat so much, but I do! She's the sweetest, most affectionate cat I've ever seen! (shh, don't tell Gabby that Ellie's my favorite ;-))15. I went to White House Fruit Farms with my mom to buy some fall foods and check out the beautiful scenery. Oh, and to eat one of their amazing donuts! It was such a fun time with her :-) I went back again later with Luke as well...for more donuts!16. When the Power Team came to our church in October, Luke helped on the stage crew, and I worked in the nursery. The Power Team was amazing, and it was fun to join together with the whole church family all week while they were there. After their performances every night we would all go out to Applebees or Taco Bell with a bunch of friends, and it was all just a lot of fun!
17. Luke and I spent Halloween at home carving pumpkins and eating the roasted seeds. Loved it!
18. On November 6 I turned 25. I spent my birthday at my parents' house, visiting and eating this amazing chocolate cake that my mom made!
19. My final favorite memory of 2009 was of Christmas this year. I loved running around to all the different places and visiting all of our family for three days nonstop. And I've also loved quiet nights at home, relaxing with Luke, Gabby, and Ellie, and enjoying all the Christmas decorations, cookies, and tree. This Christmas has been so perfect, it will be hard to top it next year! :-)
Tomorrow I will be discussing some 2009 favorites, and Thursday I'll write about my resolutions. I Can't wait to ring in the New Year! I will have a jam-packed couple of days full of parties on Thursday and Friday :-)

I would love to hear some of your favorite memories of 2009 as well! :-)


  1. What a great post! Thanks for sharing those beautiful memories! :) I hear ya on the 'cold in January'!! I'm totally with you on that one...

    Love the picture of you two in front of the tree -- so cute!

  2. You had a busy year TOO! Oh... the memories :) Isn't it fun to reflect! Funny we are both doing the same thing on our blogs - great minds, think alike!

  3. You have some great memories from this year girl.... its great to reflect on it all..i bet this took some time!! It's great! Thanks for sharing.

  4. What a great year! I love the Christmas photo in front of the tree!!

  5. Oooh, I liked this recap too! Great job!


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