Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Diaries Day 14 & 15: Blah

Ugh, I have been feeling so "blah" lately. It doesn't feel like Christmas. It has only snowed a few times, and right now it's gross, wet and rainy. I am feeling like a real Scrooge, and just can't get into the Christmas spirit.

I still have to finish my Christmas cards (yes, I've had them for a whole week and have yet to finish), finish shopping for Luke, bake some cookies, and wrap all of my presents. I just have no motivation! I don't want to do any of it! This has never happened before. Usually I'm such a nerd about Christmas and get SOOO into it. I'm just not sure what's going on today and yesterday. I'm just generally not in a good mood! We all have these days, I guess.

Tonight I'm going to write out a big to-do list, and hopefully cross off each and every item. I need to get these things out of the way so I can relax a little bit and not be so panicky! I think that's part of it too.

Tonight I will finish my Christmas cards, wrap my presents, finish ordering Luke's presents online (hopefully they'll get here in time!!!), bake some sugar cookies to be decorated later this week, and finish the laundry. My stress load will be greatly reduced after this.

Tomorrow I will wear my red Christmas tree shirt to work. I will pass out candy canes in my classroom. I will come home and drink some hot chocolate, while I enjoy the twinkling lights and some Christmas music. I will make a nice dinner for Luke, and we will drink out of our Christmas glasses. I will watch a Christmas movie after Bible study. Then hopefully I will be out of this funk!!

Don't forget, tomorrow is the deadline for the photo scavenger hunt! The categories are on my sidebar, as well as a link to the original post. Post your pictures, and either email me the link or post it in my comments. Then I will write a post linking to all of your entries on Thursday, and the voting will go on from then until Friday night at midnight. Good luck!!!


  1. Hope you start to feel bettter and get into the christmas spirit. Tomorrow sounds fun!! :-)

  2. I'm sorry you are in a funk! I totally know how you feel!

  3. Here in Arizona it doesn't feel much like Christmas either, well besides the lights.. Its been in the high 60's low 70's!! =) I can't wait to be in Seattle on Saturday to feel the cold.

    We all have those days though! Have fun finishing up everything.

  4. I feel the same way girl... I haven't even put up our TREE, much less decorations. I haven't finished shopping, wrapped anything that I got for my family or anything!

    Good luch w/ your to do list :)

  5. I understand about the "blah" thing. We didn't even put our tree up this year...
    Our Christmas cards just got mailed on Monday so you're not that far behind...

    I read your paragraph about wearing your "red Christmas tree shirt to work"...and I totally thought it said tree skirt and I'm thinking..."She's going to wear a tree skirt to work? Yeah, so there ya go.

    Hope you feel better! :)

  6. I was feeling like that last week too - just do something out of the ordinary - it helps. Don't worry, you'll get out of it!

    Oh yes, and my entry for the contest is up! :-)


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