Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Diaries Day 12: Christmas Shopping & Peppermint Mocha

Luke and I spent most of our day painting the attic room (new living room). It's a pretty big room, and seems like it's taking us forever to finish! I can't wait to share before and after pictures when we finish!

We finally took a trip to town for some Christmas shopping tonight. We got most of it done! And what we didn't get, we are going to order online tomorrow. Nothing like pushing it to the last minute :-)

Last night while we were making truffles at my aunt's house, I was introduced to peppermint mocha creamer in my hot chocolate. I thought it was so good, that I picked some up tonight while we were in town :-)
It is delicious! Who doesn't like the peppermint/chocolate combo?? It's like Christmas in a cup! (10 points if you know what movie that line is from ;-))

Tonight I DVR'd It's a Wonderful Life. I absolute LOVE that movie! I can't wait to watch it! I'm thinking I'll probably watch it tomorrow afternoon while I finish up my Christmas cards. Then tomorrow night I am going to a Christmas program at my church. More on that later :-)

Totally unrelated, but I have decided to do Project 365 in 2010! I'm really excited :-) If you don't know, Project 365 is when you take and post at least one picture every day for a year. I take pictures most days anyway, so I thought this was right up my alley. I was feeling creative today, so I designed my Project 365 blog and header. I will link to the blog after my first post, but I really like my header, and just had to share it! I took pictures of objects around my house that looked like the letters, then used the "negatives" effect on them in Digital Image Pro.
I can't wait to get started on January 1, 2010!

**Just in case any of you were wondering, the December Photo Scavenger Hunt is still on! The deadline is Monday, so get shooting ;-)


  1. I'm doing Project 365 this year too! I can not wait! I can't decide if I want to do a separate blog, or just do a once a week recap. Hmmmm.

  2. Yikes, I can't believe the deadline is tomorrow! I'll see if I can scrounge up some pictures by then. Haha. Also, I think you're new blog header might be the coolest thing I've seen in my life.

  3. That peppermint mocha sounds divine! My parents are visiting us for Christmas (and they love coffee), so I may have to pick this up!

  4. That's exciting that you're doing Project 365! I would do it, but alas, I don't think I want to add any more pressure this year - maybe next year! I love the header, by the way - very creative!

  5. How cute if your Project 365header?? I love that you made it!


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