Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Diaries Day 16: The Great Mess of 2009

I am a messy person. I can't cook something without making it look like a tornado passed through my kitchen. And I am that girl that always has a little spot on my shirt from whatever I spilled on myself at lunchtime.

Tonight, however, I surprised even myself with my ability to completely demolish a kitchen.

Tonight started out great! I finally got my car back after two long months, I had my last Bible study of the year, and I was planning on having a night full of chocolate! I made myself some hot chocolate with the Christmas marshmallows I just couldn't pass up at the grocery store:
Then I made a bunch of chocolate covered pretzels...Luke's favorite! And a Christmas staple around here...(If only I could have found green and red sprinkles!)

Then I geared up to make one of my favorite treats: puppy chow! Everything was going well until THIS happened...(Only a blogger would take a picture of THAT :-P)

I guess I had too much air in the bag, and it just popped while I was shaking. The whole bottom was torn right at the seam. You should have heard the scream when it happened. All that puppy chow, LOST! Not to mention it all spilled right on top of Ellie, and she just about had a heart attack. Luckily she cheered up pretty quickly when she discovered the bliss that is puppy chow.
I quickly shooed her away because I knew that that much sugar could NOT be good for her. I swept up the entire mess and turned around to grab the dust pan. Here's what I saw:
This image wiped away all the frustration I was feeling. Who wouldn't just melt at that?!

Anyway, I have made a lot of messes in my kitchen, but this one far surpasses them all. Luckily, a little puppy chow was salvaged that somehow stayed in the bag and never touched the floor. What a tragedy it would have been if it had ALL been lost!


Make sure if you are entering my photo scavenger hunt, you send me the link to your entry by the end of the day. So far I only have one person who entered! So Callie, if no one else enters, I guess you automatically win for the second time in a row!! :-)

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Oh my gosh! What a mess! I'm glad that you have a good attitude! I would have had a meltdown!

  2. Oh cute is she in that dust pan? She knew you needed a laugh!

  3. SAd about the puppy chow. I love puppy chow! So yummy!! :-)

  4. I've never tried Puppy Chow - what is it? And your cats are so cute! I love it!


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