Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Diaries Day 11: Truffle Party!

Today was an all-around great day. It started out at 5th grade reading class, I got to work with my kids and help them create their own Reader's Theater for a chapter of "Where the Red Fern Grows." If you don't know, a Reader's Theater is basically just a play, bringing a book to life. My kids had a BLAST with it, and I had so much fun working with them! Usually I don't have that much fun at work so today was special :-)

Then Luke and I headed out for dinner. We went to Rockne's, one of our favorite restaurants. It was great :-)

After dinner, Luke had plans to go to play basketball with some friends. I was going to be spending the night home alone until I got a message from my cousin on facebook. She invited me to come over and help make truffles with her sister and my aunt. So of course I went...that certainly trumps staying at home alone on a Friday night!

Apparently they had been working on the truffles since 4:00PM. I got there at about 8:30 in time for the fun part: decorating! It was a fun, messy, chocolaty night ;-)

Have you ever seen so many truffles in one place?!
Oh, but there were more:
Here is my cousin Rachel displaying the adorable plates
Overall, it was a fun night, and we even got some delicious souvenirs from the evening ;-) These truffles are so rich. I even have to take them in small doses. But I do love chocolate, so I think they are beyond delicious!!

Tomorrow Luke and I are venturing out to do some Christmas shopping (finally!) I'm a little nervous that the crowds are going to be INSANE, but I guess that's what ya gotta deal with when you put it off this long ;-)

Have a super weekend!


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