Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Love This Feeling!

I am absolutely loving being on summer break! I love not feeling completely exhausted every second of the day. Because that's how I feel during the school year. I feel like I can slow down a little bit and enjoy life during the summer. And I am able to get soooo much more done around here at the same time. Not to mention my stress level is decreased a significant amount. I'm just loving this feeling!

Yesterday was my first real day off, since it was the first week day I've had off. I had a great day! I spent the entire day out with my mom and sister shopping!

First we went out to eat at Five Guys which left us feeling stuffed allll day. It was just too much food!
Julie and Mom

Then we went shopping at Pier One, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Gabriel Brothers. I bought a few cute things for the house, and some very cute clothes at Gabe's. But my favorite purchase of the day was this reversible place mat from Bed Bath and Beyond. I only bought one, and I'm just going to put it under the cats' food and water bowls. Birds are becoming kind of a "thing" in my house. I think there are a few tucked away in each and every room :-) It is our "nest," after all!

After the shopping spree, I headed out to Luke's softball games with Max :-) He was so good! I barely even noticed him during the entire two hours. He just sat quietly in my lap. So cute!

I came home and Luke let me have the TV so I could watch The Bachelorette. So it was a pretty perfect day/evening :-)

Today I decided to start my marathon cleaning of the house. In the past 9 months, things got really crazy, cluttered, and to be honest, a little dirty. I did laundry and deep cleaned the kitchen today. I only got the kitchen about halfway finished! So this is going to take longer than I thought :-P I don't know how some women work full time, and STILL have perfect homes.

In the afternoon, I headed over to my friend Carley's house to work on VBS projects. I'm in charge of crafts for preschool, and we had a lot of prep work to do! It was so nice to sit with her and cut out foam frames for 3 HOURS (we are expecting a LOT of little kids!), and just chat. She has twin daughters and they are just so cute! She works a little, part time, but she spends most of her time home-making and raising her daughters. I guess I just really like spending time with her because I see her as a role model...in five years, I would love to be where she is, I guess. It is so important to have Godly role models in our lives, and I praise God that he has put so many in mine.

Anyway, I just love this. I feel like I am in my element right now, being able to be at home so much and even have more time to volunteer at the church with VBS and my church blog. If only I could do this full time! And have a few kids in the mix, too ;-)

Tomorrow I have to clean the rest of the kitchen, start deep cleaning the bathroom, weed by my grandma's apartment, go grocery shopping, and find time to visit my grandma. And maybe pack a picnic dinner to bring to Luke so we can eat together before his softball games. Seriously, it's no wonder I can't keep up with things when I'm working 7 hours a day!


  1. Those people who have perfect homes and work have maids, lol! Or a nearby parent helping out. Sounds like a great way to start your summer!

  2. I am so glad your summer is off to a good start!

  3. I can TOTALLY, COMPLETELY, WHOLE-HEARTEDLY agree with you on the fact that SUMMER IS THE BEST!!! My stress (or shall I say MAJOR lack of) level is basically NON-existent. Well, it was for 1.5 weeks. Now, Master's classes have started, but at least I don't have to worry about a class full of 2nd graders at the same time. :)


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