Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wedding Wednesday

Today I thought I'd share some images that were taken before the wedding. It was probably one of the most humid days of summer, and my hair did not hold up! I had it done at 10 or 11 in the morning at the salon, and by the time I got to the church, it was completely flat, so my sister and cousin had to re-curl it as fast as they could. And when they were done, it looked even better than it had the first time I got it done that morning. Anyway, it was CRAZY stressful in the few hours leading up to the ceremony!

P.S. We couldn't take the veil out of my hair while they did it. So thanks to my mother-in-law, Patty, who held the veil for me!
This may be the only time I ever display my make-up-less face for the whole world to see :-P
Thank goodness we had some food to keep us going! I believe Patty brought the food too, so she had a big part in saving the day! lol
Julie did my eye make-up for me, and I think I did the rest. We tried to do as much as possible by ourselves without having to hire extra people
Here's the groom getting ready
And the groomsmen..."New Suits!"
(pardon the bluriness...remember, these were pictures that I took of the wallet-sized pictures in the proof-book since my photographer never gave me my album or pictures that we paid for).

Luke must have had less prep to do than me, because he had time to play a leisurely game of pool :-P
Back to the ladies: here I am, putting my dress on
The Beautiful Bridesmaids, fluffing up my dress.
And this picture looks funny, but it is special. The day before the wedding, I still didn't have my "something old." I wasn't really too worried about it, but between that time and the wedding, I was given not one but two hankies that belonged to past family members, one from Luke's side of the family and one from mine. I thought that was really special! So I put them in the top of my dress so I'd have them with me all day :-)
And to end I'll add the quintessential "Dad sees daughter for the first time" and "Mom sees son for the first time" pictures :-)


  1. You are so BEAUTIFUL!!!! :) Loved looking at some pictures from your very special day. Praying I'll get to take pictures like that one day!

  2. Aw, great pictures! I love it. You look pretty without make-up too! I hate pictures of me without makeup too though, so I know how you feel. :-D

  3. Those are great pictures! It looks like such a perfect day! Love your wedding wednesdays!


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