Friday, June 11, 2010


I'm having kind of a down day. My mind has been running a mile a minute and it has been full of doubts. Joyce Meyer would say that Satan is attacking me today, and I need to shut him out and not listen (The Battlefield of the Mind is a great book by her...I learned a lot!)

Anyway, on my way home from town, the song "Smile" came on my iPod...from the Glee soundtrack...the Charlie Chaplin version (and don't worry, it was plugged into my car speakers, just in case any of you are picturing me driving with my earbuds in! haha) Even though the song has a very melancholy sound, it made me feel so much better! (Songs from the Glee soundtrack tend to do that :-P)

Since I'm trying to keep these negative thoughts and doubts away, I thought I'd make a list of things that are making me smile today :-)

1. Sleeping in
2. Max, Ellie, and Gabby
3. Running into my grandma outside as she was weeding...She's pushing 90, but it's great to see her still working outside!
4. Going to the church and seeing the progress being made on the new building. And taking pictures for the church blog
5. A&W Root Beer 2 liters on sale for $1 at Giant Eagle...I bought 4
6. Running into Luke while I was in town.
7. Random texts to and from Luke during the day
8. Renting and watching Leap Year...I'm halfway done, and it's so cute so far! I'll finish the rest later tonight.
9. Seeing Luke walk through the doorway after work
10. Trying a new recipe for dinner, and it smells delicious in the oven right now.
11. Sunshine
12. Fun plans for the weekend
13. The fact that it IS the weekend
14. Plans to watch a scary movie later with Luke
15. I had a great first week of break!

There...15 things, and it's not even 6:00 yet! Life is too short to waste it being upset!

Have a great weekend!


  1. That's a beautiful version of Smile! Good idea,

  2. Whenever I'm having a day when I feel down, I count all of my blessings. God is so good! ;)

  3. Jessica you are so cute!! I love that one of your happy thoughts is seeing Luke walk through the doorway after work...awwwww that made me smile :) Girl you've got it right - Satan will try ANYTHING to get us to stop focusing on God. Heeeey maybe I can see you soon and we can both be happy together and make Satan really mad! Haha :)


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