Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mish Mash

This post is going to be all over the place!

- Yesterday was an amazing Monday for me! I slept in super late and only had a half hour to get ready for my lunch/movie date with my mom and sister. Monday is sort of our unofficial day to hang out since Mom and Julie both have the day off. Anyway, we went to see a movie first: Knight and Day.I'll be honest and say that although all the previews claimed it to be "The best grown up movie of the summer," I was not excited to see it. I'm not into action movies. However, I was so pleasantly surprised! There was never a dull moment and it kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time. It was hilarious, and had lots of plot twists that kept us guessing. I really enjoyed it, and if I liked it, I think anyone would like it! I think Luke was a little bummed that I went to see it without him, but he'll find a friend to go see it with him!

- After the movie, we went to lunch at Applebees since it's right by the theater. When our waitress came by, she asked my sister and I if we were twins! I thought we were looking more and more different as we got older, but maybe I was wrong. What do you think? I think we look nothing alike. To be fair, though, I think our posture, voices, body make-up, and mannerisms are close to identical, and that could be part of the reason...and you can't see that in a picture! How funny, because our personalities couldn't be more different.(Normally we have the same hair, too, but back when this was taken last August, my hair was straightened and Julie's was not her natural color).

-Last night Luke and I had a little adventure. If you've been reading for long at all, you know that we've had a LOT of car problems this year costing us a LOT of money. We bought the VW Passat last fall, and when it works, I love it. However, it doesn't seem to be working very much of the time. And while it is in perfect working order at the moment, we sort of look at it as a ticking time bomb, ready to go off at any minute with more problems. We are thinking about selling it or trading it in for something cheaper and American-made. Last night we looked at a possible trade-in car...a Pontiac Grand Prix. Luke was driving a black Grand Prix six years ago, back when we started dating. And for some reason, he just LOVED that car and really misses it! lol...It didn't work out, and we're not even entirely sure if we're going to sell the Passat, but it was fun to look :-)

- After looking at the car, we decided to eat dinner at Grinders (Yay, I got to eat out twice yesterday!) While we were waiting for our food, we played Family Feud on Luke's phone, and it was just fun! I'm so glad we can still have fun together doing little things like that. I love the song "Then" by Brad Paisley. That's how I feel about our relationship right now, and I love it. Like I've said many times before, I'm really trying to enjoy this time in our lives when it's just the two of us, before the stress of kids gets involved.

- Yesterday I had some good talks with my mom and sister about two specific health problems I'm having. My mom thinks they are both linked to stress. I am such a stressed-out person. Even when I trust God and feel like I've let go of all of my worries, I can still feel my body being tense. It's like my mind is saying that I'm not stressed out, but my body won't listen. Does this happen to anyone else? Anyway, my mom thinks a good solution is to start exercising daily to work off some of that nervous energy. So I'm going to start walking/running around the neighborhood daily, and if the weather's bad, I have a bunch of dance workout videos in my Instant Netflix queue. This morning I woke up and was sick like I am a lot of mornings, so I decided I didn't want to walk in case a bad cramp hit when I was miles away from my house. So instead I did one of the dance videos. It was "Ten Minute Solutions: Fat Burning Dance Mix." I only did 2 of the 10-minute segments, but it was a pretty good workout! And fun, too :-) I love to dance when no one is watching. haha..anyway, I feel good, and I hope this helps!

-This morning I discovered an addicting website for me: "Ta-Da Lists" . It is simply a website where you can type out to-do lists, and check them off when you are done. I'm addicted to the feeling I get when I check something off of a to-do list, so I really like this website! It's just easier than writing it all out by hand. I made four lists just this morning: today's to-do list, a list of important things I need to do soon (schedule appointments, make calls, etc.), a list of fun things I want to do this summer, and a list of all the movies I want to see this summer. Who knew something so simple could excite me so much? :-P

- What are your plans for 4th of July weekend? We actually don't really have any yet! Except to go to the park and watch fireworks. Hopefully we will find something to do in the next few days! haha.

Have a great Tuesday! I'm off to go tackle a few more items on my to-do list! [Blog post: CHECK!]


  1. I saw Killers, which is like a mirror image of Knight and Day (weird that two came out in one summer,) and I liked it, but I didn't love it.

    I hope the car stuff works out!

  2. I hate when you think you're not stressed out, but subconciously you are! Working out definitely helps my stress level.

  3. You guys do look alike. People are always telling my sister and me that we look alike as well. I think it's fun!
    I'm sorry you're stressed out. A bubble bath and tea always help me! :-) That and a good book.


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