Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wedding Wednesday

Welcome to the first edition of Wedding Wednesday in 2010 :-) Every Wednesday until our 2-year anniversary on July 12, I will be posting a few pictures from our wedding day.

Today I thought I'd showcase the fact that I think somehow Luke was able to sneak a secret Ohio state theme under the radar for our wedding. He's sneaky, that one :-P

Here are the garters:

We had an Ohio State groom's cake which my sister made

And beside the cake was the little helmet signed by one Jim Heacock, one of the coaches for Ohio State with our wedding date on it

Luke's best man even wore a Michigan shirt under his tux as a dig at's a long story, but he was getting back at Luke for something Luke did in his best man speech at Jared's wedding. Did I confuse you? :-P

And I definitely can't forget this picture taken outside the reception hall of some of Luke's family members. O-H! I-O!

I guess I'm just happy that the colors stayed pink and brown, and not scarlet and gray ;-)


  1. What adorable pictures! I love your garters and that grooms cake. You were so creative in doing a sports theme. Oh and I love your Wedding Wednesday theme, what a cute idea.

  2. Alissa stole my comment haha. I LOVE your idea of having a Wedding Wednesday post each's such a good way to remember the marvelous time you had AND to share it with people who couldn't be there (cough...) haha.

  3. I really like your Wedding Wednesday posts. I love weddings, and it looks like yours was so much fun! I bet your husband was really happy to have Ohio State as part of his wedding :-)

  4. This is just too, too fun! What a light-hearted touch that totally displays y'all's personality


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