Friday, June 4, 2010

School's Out!!

I guess my title tells you everything you need to know about my day today ;-) I just spent 7 hours cleaning out my classroom and preparing for next year. Now that I'm home, summer can officially begin! I can't believe it's finally here...the day us teacher's look forward to for months and months. As much as we love the kids, today is sort of like a second Christmas to us ;-)

This school year flew by. It started out a little shaky, but turned out to be my best year yet. I had my own classroom for the first time, which was an exciting, new adventure. Also, I became so close to all of my coworkers this year. The first two years I taught, I kind of kept to myself a lot. But this year I got to know everybody that works at my school really well! I feel like I have bonded with all of them, and I'm going to miss them this summer. From my early morning conversations with the gym teacher during playground duty, to my lunchtime chats with everyone in the teacher's lounge about anything and everything, and to my everyday encounters with everyone in the building, I feel so close to these people! We have laughed together and cried together. We have shared our annoyances and even our deep struggles and triumphs. I honestly feel like all the people who work at my school have such a close bond...closer than other places I've been. And I'm so thankful!

I will miss a lot of people over the next three months, but I'm also SUPER excited for summer. It hasn't even really quite hit me yet that school's out, but I'm sure on Monday morning when my alarm doesn't go off, then it will hit me ;-)

I have no real plans for the summer, other than get my house back in order. I had the best intentions last summer of organizing the house, but somehow I became super lazy and a lot of things didn't get done that should have. I really hope the same thing doesn't happen this year! I'm also thinking of trying to open an etsy shop, to make a little extra money this summer. We'll see how that goes!

Well I'm signing off and who knows if I will be back later this weekend or not. Luke has softball games tonight and then we're going to a party, tomorrow we have an out-of-town graduation party, and then little Max is coming to stay with us for a week again since his owner's will be on vacation. I'm sure he will keep me busy! Oh how I love him ;-) In case you don't remember who Max is:I am proud to be his pet-sitter! I usually get to keep him for a week or two each year when his owner's go out of town...I always look forward to his trips, because he is the most adorably cuddly puppy ever!

Anyway, have a great weekend!


  1. Congrats on being done for the year!

  2. The school's year is already over and it's only June 4th? Is it the same things in all USA cities? Here, in Québec (Canada), Elementary and High schools still have classes until June 22-23 th, usually! (and it begins at the end of August).
    Lucky you!

  3. Yes, this is about the normal time that most school's get least here in Ohio. We start the last week or two in August and end the first week in June. Our particular school district, though, doesn't usually do spring breaks and we only get a week-and-a-half for Christmas

  4. Yay for school being out! Every once in a while I wish I was a teacher just so I would have summers off as well :-) I hope you enjoy your time off :-)


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