Tuesday, July 27, 2010


These days, distractions are what are keeping me going. My car is broken and in the shop again. So I am car-less and stressed out about that. My body seems to be all out-of-whack for some reason, and I'm having several problems related to that. And I have one, giant problem staring me in the face, 24/7. And the hard part is that I can't tell you what it is. It would be easier if I could, because I'm sure you would all have all kinds of encouraging words for me. But for now, I will have to bear this alone, for the most part.

Anyway, because of all the aforementioned JUNK, if I don't keep myself busy and distracted, I could very easily drive myself CRAZY. Without these distractions, I could let my fears, doubts, anger, and depression creep in and completely take over. But I am not willing to raise my white flag and let that happen. I really believe that all of these things that I have found to distract myself are blessings sent from God. He knows what I need when I need it!

My first distraction has been friends this summer. I'm so glad I've had friends who have wanted to come hang out at my parents' pool with me for the day, or just come over and watch movies with me or talk to me. Not only that, but a few of them are going through really hard times in their lives as well. Spending time with them has helped me see that I am not the only one with problems! And it has been a good support system, building each other up. I am thankful for my friends this summer!

The second thing that has been a good distraction, is blogging. And especially reading blogs. When I'm at home and my thoughts are getting the better of me, I simply go online and READ. I guess it's like a crying baby who needs a pacifier. All of you bloggers are my pacifier, so I thank you for that!

Another good distraction has been spending time with my family doing fun things. Like when Luke and I went out on a date Friday night, or to the fair Saturday. Or how my mom invited me over to watch a movie on Sunday night, and then to go shopping with her yesterday. It's all time when I'm so busy with other things, I don't dwell on my problems.

And the last one, probably the only unhealthy one, is food! And I don't just mean eating food, but preparing it, too. Lately I have found it to be so therapeutic to turn up some good music and go to town chopping vegetables, mixing ingredients, and preparing a meal. As long as I do it with music, it completely drowns out my thoughts. And sharing a good meal with someone is always a good distraction too. Like yesterday when my mom and I had a delicious meal at Ruby Tuesday. I don't think I thought about my problems at all during that time

How could I be depressed while drinking this delicious peach tea?! Happiness in a glass. Please note that those are real chunks of peaches down at the bottom of my glass
Or eating this delicious quesadilla?! Yum. I know it's not healthy to drown your sorrows in food, but it helps :-P Okay, so maybe I'm an emotional eater.

I don't know if distractions are the best way to be dealing with the issues at hand, but I think it's much healthier than sitting around and constantly dwelling on them. Especially the BIG one. I was always really good at moping around and feeling sorry for myself when I was younger, and my parents worked really hard to teach me not to do that. So maybe that is why my life has become a quest to find distractions so I'm not always thinking about these situations.

Anyway, I am thankful for them. And I know the BEST distraction is finding someone to help or somewhere to serve. When we help others fix their problems, ours shrink in the process. So I'm working on finding a place to serve right now.

I praise God for all of the distractions he has brought into my life these past 7 weeks. And although I don't want to wish summer away, working 7 hours a day with my students will be a really big distraction. And I'm basically ready for that.


  1. I hear ya, Jess. Distractions are wonderful - except we are constantly trying to find things to do haha. I can't just sit and relax anymore...my silly thoughts just bug me too much! Good thing you have so many distractions to keep you busy...for the most part :)

  2. Oh blogging is such a distraction for me to!!! I can spend hours just reading and usually it makes me feel just a bit better :)

  3. I agree, distractions can be great things! The cruise was a great distractions for me a couple months ago.

  4. What a perfect way to put it. Blogging has totally become my pacifier these days. I get it. Thanks for helping me cope, too:)

  5. Distractions totally help! I use them all the time! I also use things I can look forward to in short amounts of time (like traveling somewhere in a few weeks, family visiting in a month, etc). I hope whatever you're having a hard time with now will soon come to an end! Good luck girly :-)


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