Saturday, July 24, 2010

Trying New Things

This post is actually going to be a mish-mash of lots of different things: The new things I've tried recently, our dinner last night, and an incredible movie I saw last night.

I haven't been much of a weekend blogger lately, but this morning I'm feelin' the itch :-) So here goes...

The other day I tackled another item on my 101 goals in 1,001 days list along with Sarah. I am lactose intolerant, so one of my list items was to try soy milk. Sarah was nice enough to pick up some Silk at the store the other day, and then she came over to be adventurous and try it with me. We had no idea there were so many different kinds and flavors! We chose vanilla. As you can see, the color is a little "off" from normal milk...
Here we are trying it out. Don't let the big smiles fool you. Simply put, we did not love it.
(Please do not mind my disheveled appearance. I was bummin' it that day. And pretty much every weekday now that I don't have to go to work. Only one month of that left!)

As we took our first few sips, we decided it reminded us of something, but we couldn't put our fingers on what, exactly. Then it hit Sarah like a ton of bricks as she shouted, "Maalox!" Yes, now that she mentioned it, I felt like I was drinking a glass full of Maalox. Eww.

We decided that soy milk is not for us. I think instead of spending money on soy milk, I will spend it instead on those little pills you can buy that help your body digest milk. Then I can enjoy all the milk with cereal, chocolate milk, or Steak and Shake Special Dark Milkshakes I want, without feeling like I'm going to die afterwards! (Those are three of my favorite things, and I don't want to give them up for soy milk).

And as if that were not enough, I tried a new vegetable this week too, compliments of Luke's parents' garden: kohlrabi.There it is sliced up and ready for us to enjoy with dinner last night. But this is what it looks like before you peel and slice it:I had personally never heard of this mystery vegetable before. It is similar to radish if you are also not familiar. I don't like radishes, but I did like this! So thank you, Tom and Patty :-)

We had a delicious dinner, almost all compliments to their garden last night. Kohlrabi, fresh green beans, and Parmesan chicken breasts (also my mother-in-law's recipe).
I knew it was good, because Luke went out and got seconds. I think I've only seen him do that a few times with the meals I've made: always with chicken stir fry or my parsley potatoes. I know it's taking me awhile to get the hang of this whole menu planning and cooking thing. But it feels good to know that after two years, I think I've at least improved a little bit :-)


Now onto the movie I saw last night: Inception. Wow. It was so good! I really didn't want to see it because I heard it was 2.5 hours long, and my attention span does not last that long during movies. But I was completely intrigued during the entire movie, and it didn't seem that long at all. The plot was just crazy. There was so much going on! There were so many layers to the story and it was so complex. But still easily understandable and not too confusing.

The ending was, in the words of my husband, "EPIC." really was incredible, and I will be thinking about that one for a long time. It left room for a sequel, but could also just end there. And in addition to all that, it was only rated PG-13. There wasn't much bad language (if I remember correctly), no real sexual content, and although it was violent, it wasn't overly graphic. It was a real thinker, and one of the best movies I've seen in a long time! The previews look weird, which almost made me not want to see it, but trust me, you don't want to miss it!


  1. Haha I'd have to agree soy milk is not the best tasting thing in the world but Pure Almond by silk is spectacular and not too expensive. I am surprised to hear this kind of review for 'Inception' from a woman. I also have claimed I do not want to see it due to the freaky previews but I think you've convinced me!! Have a blessed weekend!

  2. Carley is so rigth about Pure Almond. I love that stuff! I even did a blog post about it awhile back!

  3. Did you try the chocolate soy milk? Soooo much better!


  4. Wow, that veggie is one I've never even heard of! And I'm right with you with the soy milk, though the chocolate does taste a little bit better, it still tastes like grass to me! haha. Also, God didn't design our bodies to digest as much soy as we do, so it's probably better to skip out on that!

  5. Way to go girl, for trying new things! My mom loves Kohlrabi and puts it in everything in the summer.
    Have you tried Almond milk? Hubby & I are both mildly lactose intolerant and that's what we use for our cereal, in smoothies, etc. We still eat ice cream and such, but it's nice not to have that much regular milk on a daily basis. Honestly, we can't really taste a difference between almond milk & regular on our cereal. I've heard a lot of negative stuff about too much soy in our diets, so that's another reason we went with the almond. If you want to give it a try, we buy the Blue Diamond "Almond Breeze" Unsweetened Almond Milk.

  6. I have to say that I actually don't like soy milk or almond milk, but rice milk isn't too bad. I've been drinking it since high school. Vanilla is my favorite.


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