Friday, July 9, 2010

Just Pulling the Knife out of my Back...

I don't know why I care.

Maybe it's because I've been with Luke for so long.

Maybe it's because I just don't like arrogant, selfish sports stars who are paid way too much.

Whatever the reason, I was MAD last night when I heard Lebron James's decision to join the Heat in Miami.

Lebron has lived in Akron his whole life, and has played for the Cleveland Cavaliers for the past 7 years. He started fresh out of high school (actually graduated the same year as me, just an hour or so down the road). He has a lot of talent, and really helped to build up the team.

Apparently his biggest dream was/is to win a championship. The Cavs have been close now for the past couple of years, but have choked in the end.

The weird thing is that as much as he wanted to win a championship, Lebron sure CHOKED in the playoffs this year. He played so bad it was almost like he wasn't even there. There was a lot of speculation, and some people think he blew it on purpose.

So last night when he decided to leave Cleveland, I felt a little betrayed. In my opinion, we would have won the championship this year if Lebron hadn't choked or quit trying or whatever he did. He would have even made more money if he had stayed in Cleveland. And now he has a whole city/state of fans here who really never want to see him again.

But that's not really the bad part. The bad part is that ha has been dragging out this decision for the entire summer so far. And he went on national TV, on an hour-long special, to make his decision. So for me it wasn't so much that he did this to us, but HOW he did this to us. This isn't just effecting the fans. It's going to effect the economy of Cleveland, an already tanking city. So sad...

I've actually never liked Lebron. I don't like that he calls himself "King James" and that he makes such a show at the beginning of each game. I don't like how arrogant he was during interviews during the games. So this not liking him is really nothing new. But now I really, really don't like him, because he betrayed us all on national TV. Not very classy, Lebron.

This morning, all of us in North-Eastern Ohio are collectively pulling the knives out of our backs. All we can do now is hope that the Cavs somehow miraculously beat the Heat next year.

At least our city is joining together over something! Even if it is burning jerseys :-P

Okay. End of vent. This is probably the last time I will ever devote a whole post to pro basketball or any other professional sport. You all probably don't care about this at all! haha but I couldn't not post about it this morning.

I guess we will see what happens from here! Now that this decision has been made, I'm actually wanting to watch The Cavs more than ever next year. I'm rooting for them, even if they are all a bunch of underdogs now!

Happy weekend!


  1. I totally understand what you're saying. It was funny how many people were glued to the TV last night waiting for the big announcement! It was as though the president was doing an inaugural address or something! Sort of silly. :) Have an amazing weekend!

  2. Yes, it was completely crazy how they built it up and made such a HUGE deal about "The Decision."

  3. I'm sorry, that's never fun! I always feel like that right after juniors in college football decide to leave for the NFL draft. Bleh. And if it's any consolation, we were holding our breath hoping he does NOT choose Orlando...we don't like him!

  4. My husband and I have been arguing about him for years. I maintained he was of suspect moral character because he didn't marry the mother of his two children. I said that a man like that wasn't to be trusted and that we as a society were also at fault for letting sports stars get away with that kind of behavior and making it excusable.

    And, now, finally the world sees him for who he is! He's shady!

  5. response coming late tonight or tomorrow once the hubs and I get home from Date Night! Sorry!

  6. I am so clueless about the whole situation. Ha ha!

  7. I am not in on the whole situation but I know you aren't alone. It has been all over the news!

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