Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Year 2: The Memories

I'm posting this as my Wedding Wednesday post this week, even though there are no wedding pictures here!

As I mentioned yesterday, our 2-year anniversary is coming up this Monday. Last year I really enjoyed listing my favorite memories from each month, and I've even gone back to that post a few times throughout the year just for fun, to remember some of the fun things we did the year before. So I thought, why not do it again for year 2? Although, it was admittedly probably a little less exciting than the first year! Although this year, I have added links to my memories for my own future reference...yes, I have too much time on my hands.

July 2009
- Celebrating our 1-year anniversary by going out to dinner and a movie. We ate our extremely dry year-old top layer of our wedding cake.
-Using our tent for the first time when we went camping for a weekend at Berlin Lake with friends.
-We went to town working on the landscaping of our house

Picture Memories:
Happy Anniversary to us! ;-)
The guys cooking during our camping trip

August 2009
- Luke had softball tournaments, and I had lots of fun making us picnic dinners and eating them at the park with him, and then watching him play in his softball games
-Spending a week-long vacation together with my family in Virginia Beach.
-Buying a new (to us) car.
Picture Memories:
One of our many picnic dinners
On our Virginia Beach Vacation
Our new VW Passat (which has given us way more trouble than it's worth! literally...)

September 2009
-Having our first OSU football game party of the season
-Bringing our second kitten, Ellie, home
Picture Memories:
Baby Ellie ;-)

October 2009
-Going to the Ohio State/Wisconsin game at The 'Shoe.
-Having our car break down and finding out the engine needed to be replaced (okay, not a highlight, but definitely a memory that really sticks out!)
-Helping out at the church while The Power Team was there. And spending every night that weekend at Applebees with our friends after the performances.
-Making our first trek to White House Fruit Farm for pumpkins and donuts
-Decorating a vehicle together for Trunk-or-Treat night at the church, and then spending the evening passing out candy there.
-Spending Halloween evening carving pumpkins and eating the roasted seeds
Picture Memories:
OSU/Wisconsin Game
At White House with our donuts
Our Trunk for Trunk-or-Treat night

November 2009
-I turned 25! I spent my birthday with my family.
-I got to go with Luke to Youth Explosion where Luke's band played for their biggest group yet.
-We decided to turn our Ohio State room into a nice living room, and started working on it.
-Spent Thanksgiving running around like crazy, going from one family gathering to the next.
-Bought our second real Christmas tree from Sanors, and set it up the weekend after Thanksgiving.
Picture Memories:
I'm 25!
Here we are at Youth Explosion, backstage with the famous people ;-)

December 2009
- Spent many nights Christmas shopping and looking at lights
-Attended our annual Christmas TSO concert
-Spent Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and the day after, traveling all over Northeastern Ohio visiting family for Christmas.
-Rang in the new year with each other at a quiet gathering at my parents' house.

Picture Memories:
Our tree
Our Second Married Christmas Together

January 2010
-Spending lots of time shut in the house trying to stay warm and cozy together!
-Continuing to work on the attic room
-Having random date nights
Picture Memories:
Here is Luke on one of our date nights. This one consisted of shopping, dinner at Chick-fil-a, and Avatar in 3D.

February 2010
-Finishing the new living room in the attic
-Having a Super Bowl party at our house to break in the new room.
-Snowmageddon kept us pretty much confined to the house for a week or so. We had so much fun watching movies and just hanging out together. But the most fun was the Saturday we spent sled-riding and 4-wheeling at his parents' house!
-Spending our second married Valentines Day together having dinner at home, with delicious fondue for dessert.
Picture Memories:
New living room
Our day of fun in the snow during Snowmageddon ;-)

March 2010
-Helping together at 30 Hour Famine one weekend
-Going to another TSO Concert...their first spring concert
Picture Memories:

April 2010
-Once again, spent Easter Sunday running around visiting our families.
-Luke finished landscaping our house, and it now looks beautiful!
-Had a lovely drive-in date night
Picture Memories:
Easter Sunday

May 2010
- Luke turned 26, and we celebrated with our families.
- Had a fun weekend getaway to Cedar Point, shopping and a movie in Cleveland, and a Cleveland Indian's game on fireworks night.
Picture Memories:
Happy Birthday, Luke
Indian's game during our weekend getaway

June + a litte July, 2010
-Spending lots of time at softball games
-Grilling out on lazy summer evenings
-A spontaneous weekend trip to Kelley's Island for the 4th of July
-An early anniversary celebration with my parents and grandparents at Caffe Capri

Picture Memories:
One80 Softball game
Kelleys Island

Here's to many, many, many more years like this one! :-)


  1. it's nice to have a blog where you can put all those memories up so you can look back and smile one day :-) It sounds like you had a great year!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE this :)

  3. Happy Anniversary!! Loved you sharing all of that!!

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  4. YAY! Happy 2 Years, girly! I'm so happy for you both and pray for many more happy years for you two!

  5. Awww!!! So sweet! I am happy to see that you are so HAPPY!!! Hope your week is going well!

  6. Yaaaay for two years! What are y'all doing to celebrate on the actual day?


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