Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Early Anniversary Dinner

Our 2-year anniversary is in exactly one week, but my parents took us out to dinner to celebrate tonight. Okay, so they were bringing my grandparents out for their 55th anniversary, and invited us as an afterthought since our anniversary is coming up too :-P But it was still really thoughtful!

We went to a delicious, local, Italian restaurant, Caffe Capri. I had only been there one time before, years ago before we were married. But I remembered that the atmosphere and meal were both great!

I had been spending the last three days bumming around in shorts and tank tops, no make-up on, and my hair in a bun. When you're camping or doing housework, there is no need to look glamorous. So tonight it was nice to let my hair down, put on some make-up, and wear a pink sundress after looking like a bum all weekend! Who doesn't like an excuse to dress up a little bit?

Anyway, we had a great dinner! The food was delicious and so was the conversation. It was fun being together, all three generations of couples. What a nice evening!

The only down point was when my grandma made the statement that I hear on average 3 times a day now that my cousins are pregnant: "So I guess it's your turn now!" (Other variations include, "You better not drink the water!" and "Stay away from your cousins, it might be contagious!) I'm soooo sick of hearing that, and so tired of the twinge of pain I feel every time I do. However, I have been able to restrain myself from punching anybody in the face, like I threatened to do in this post :-P And I'm numbing myself and trying not to think about babies. That helps too.

So anyway, it was a very fun night celebrating marriage. Next weekend we will celebrate it, just the two of us, but we have no idea what we are doing at this point. Apparently we are flying by the seat of our pants these days when it comes to making plans. I'm okay with that! Anyway, here we are in the van on the way home tonight. We both got a ton of sun this weekend, but I still look completely pale next to Luke! I'm so jealous!

Have a great Tuesday!


  1. Happy (early) Anniversary!!!

  2. I think you look tanner! and sorry about those pregnancy comments... no fun!

  3. Sounds like a lovely dinner! Derek and I are still trying to come up with plans for our anniversary - it stinks that it falls on a Monday this year, no? We both have to work, so I can't even make a nice dinner. We'll probably go out to eat.
    Sorry about the pregnancy comments - I'm glad you haven't punched anyone in the face yet! They're just commenting because they love you, and they're excited for you - that thought always helped me when people said stuff to me about it.

  4. Callie...yes, it does stink that it falls on a Monday! We are celebrating this weekend so we can fully enjoy it and not worry about time limits :-) And thanks for the encouragement about the pregnancy comments! I'm getting used to it and getting less annoyed by it. I know that this too shall pass and someday I'll have a baby on the way too :-)


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