Thursday, January 27, 2011

Arizona Adventure - Days 6 & 7

The last two days of our trip were a lot more low-key than the first 4. Which is good, because this post will be a lot shorter than the others! Or at least it won't include as many pictures.

On Monday morning we had another large breakfast...Luke's grandma really outdid herself all week! After breakfast, we headed to Tubac to shop.

Tubac is a shopping village with lots of interesting shops full of jewelry, art, and things of that nature. We had fun walking through all the unique shops, even though most of the items were a little out of our price range!

On our way back from Tubac, we stopped at a few more places because we still had to buy souvenirs for family members! I always push this off to the last day, afraid to commit to buying anything early in the week in case I find something better. Does anyone else do this?

Monday afternoon was spent at Luke's grandparents' house. I sat in a big chair in their Arizona room and read all afternoon. It was lovely, although a little depressing because I was SOOO dreading leaving the next day!

Later that afternoon, Luke and I had the pleasure of meeting some of Luke's grandparents' friends. They were all so much fun!! I hope to see them the next time we visit :-)

And in the evening we had a big, delicious dinner, Luke and I packed everything for our departure the next morning, and then we all spent the rest of the evening watching American Pickers and Pawn Stars.

The next day our flight didn't leave until around 12, so we slept in a little, and then we all went out to a little place called Dona's Diner for breakfast together. It was delicious! And after that came the sad part: saying goodbye. Luke's grandparents' drove us to the airport...I took one last picture in Green Valley during the drive: the Pecan Groves

We sadly said our goodbyes, and soon after that, boarded our flight. I tried to hide it from Luke, but I cried just a little bit as the plane was taking off. You would too if you had to leave this:

...and return to to this never-ending grayness

Anyway, here's my last picture of the trip, one last picture of Arizona out the window of the plane.

We spent the entire rest of the day and evening on two different flights. We had a layover in San Francisco, which meant we went from Tucson to San Fransisco to Pittsburgh. It's always weird when you have to back-track like that. Luke was smart and upgraded our seats on the second flight, which was 5 hours long. So we had lots of extra leg room, and I really appreciated him thinking to do that. Plus, the flight wasn't full so we had the whole row to ourselves.

I've found that I really enjoy flying! I had a chance to read most of "Water for Elephants" during our flights, plus I got to watch "Life as we Know it" again.

Our plane landed in Pittsburgh about 20 minutes early, and my parents were already there to pick us up. It was great to see them! But arriving home was definitely bittersweet.

So that's it! I enjoyed every minute of our trip, and I'm looking forward to hopefully going back in the next few years! We are so thankful to Luke's grandparents for EVERYTHING they did. It was truly one of the best weeks of my life!

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  1. I am totally a souvenir-buying procrastinator! I sooo understand not wanting to leave. We both cried when we had to leave Maui last year. It was such a perfectly lovely place, true paradise, and we hated coming back…to the snow nonetheless! We think about it all the time and look longingly at our photographs wishing we were back there. Glad you had a good trip though!


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