Monday, January 31, 2011

Date 9: Saturday Morning Breakfast

I picked our date this week, and I decided to make it a date morning instead of a date night :-) On Saturday morning, Luke and I headed out for a late breakfast at Bob Evans.

When our food came to the table, it was embarrassing how much there was! Luke had pancakes, bacon, toast, home fries, and I don't even remember what else. And I ordered the garden harvest omelet, which came with home fries and toast. And I also splurged on a French vanilla cappuccino. It was all so good! And I didn't need to eat another meal all day because it filled me up so much...

We ate slowly, or at least I did, and talked during our meal. We talked about some fun new endeavors we may be getting into, which was exciting! What a great morning. I think we should do breakfast dates more often :-)

After breakfast, Luke had to head to Guitar Center for some things for his drums, and I read in the car during the long(ish) car ride. I'm reading My Sister's Keeper, and cannot put it down! What a great, relaxing morning.

We was such a nice, laid-back date! I am beginning to understand why people always say that couples need to continue to date even after they're married. It's so nice to take a little time for the two of us to re-connect during our busy weeks. My love language is quality time, so these dates have been so much fun, and have meant so much to me! I find myself looking forward all week to the next one!


  1. Nice! I totally agree with the couples-need-dates-too idea! The weeks get so busy and sometimes hubby & I don't have time to reconnect until our "date" on Saturday. Glad you had such a relaxing time! :)

  2. What a great idea to do a breakfast date! I want to do a breakfast date with Derek now - it would be a good way to start off a day together.

  3. LOOKS YUMMY! Love your dates you share with us all!


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