Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Week Spent with Family

This is going to serve as my "Week in Review" post this week. Last week, Luke went on a roadtrip to Colorado Springs to lead worship there with his band at a young adult conference. Since we are going on another trip soon, I opted to stay home to save money and use the time to relax. But naturally, I didn't want to be all alone during my week off, so I stayed right down the road at my parents' house, where my sister was also staying on her break. It was a wondeful and relaxing retreat, and I loved it!

My parents have made some updates to their house since I moved out. They are basically redoing it, one room at a time. My old bedroom is one of the first rooms that they redecorated, turning it into the guest room.

I just LOVE what they've done to it! I felt like I was staying at a bed and breakfast all week. Here's a quick tour of my bedroom for the week:

I love all the little details
There was even a Christmas tree on the dresser! So cute

And here's what we spent our week doing!

Sunday 12/26 - I went to the early service at church with Luke. Right after church, I said goodbye, because a whole crew of young adults + Luke and the band left for Colorado as soon as it was over. I went home and packed all the essentials for a week away, and headed to my parents' house, which is literally about a 30-second drive from my house. Ha! We ate delicious Christmas leftovers together for lunch, and then spent the entire day playing an adventure computer game. This is a week-after-Christmas tradition for our family, and I was excited to get to participate again this year! We played the game for HOURS...until well after the sun went down and we finished our pizza dinner. After that, we all changed into our comfy pjs and settled in for a movie night. We watched Despicable Me, a gift I had gotten from Luke for Christmas. It was so cute! After the movie, I headed up to my haven of a bedrroom, and browzed around online and watched TV for an hour or two. I cannot remember a more relaxing day in a long while!
Mom and Julie's dog Oopa, cuddled together while we played the game

Monday 12/27 - I woke up very late in the morning, and went downstairs to find Mom making smoothies with the new blender she got for Christmas. They were strawberry-raspberry-pineapple-orange smoothies, and they were so good!
Julie's straw...I bought it for her 7 years ago at Disney World!

Delicious along with a slice of coffee cake.
We lounged around all morning, ate some more Christmas leftovers for lunch, and spent the afternoon watching a movie. We chose Letters to Juliet, and it was such a cute movie!! We had delicious ham sandwiches for dinner, and spent the rest of the evening playing more of the computer game. After Mom and Dad went to sleep, Julie and I stayed up until 2 AM just talking and watching TV, just like old times ;-)

Tuesday 12/28 - I woke up super late again! It should be mentioned that the bed I was sleeping in was possibly the most comfortable bed I've EVER slept in. Anyway, Julie and I spent the entire morning and some of the afternoon watching ridiculous reality TV shows. Again, just like old times! Later, we went out grocery shopping together, and when we got home, I made chicken stir fry for my family for dinner. I think they liked it!
Immediately following dinner, we all got in our pajamas and settled in to play more of the computer game. Sometime around 9 or 10, Julie used Mom's new blender again to make us peppermint-chocolate-chip milkshakes, Chick-fil-a style. They were delicious!

At about midnight, we all retired to our rooms, where I stayed up way too late again, browsing blogs and other things on the internet. I woke up at 4AM with my laptop open on my stomach, so apparently I fell asleep somewhere in there! Haha

Wednesday 12/29 - I actually woke up before 9 this morning, which was a record for this week! Haha...I spent the morning getting some things done, and then in the afternoon it was time for a girl's day out! I went shopping with my mom and Julie, and then we met my Aunt Viv for a movie. The movie ended up being pretty risque and I don't even want to share what it was because I wouldn't recommend it to anyone! Haha...but after the movie, we went out to eat at Red Robin, and we had a good time catching up and eating delicious food!

Thursday 12/30 - Honestly, I can't even totally remember what I did on Thursday! I think we all played the computer game some more, and just kind of chilled out. Pretty much the same thing we'd been doing all week! haha... In the evening, Julie's fiance, Andy, came over and he played the computer game with us for a little while too.

Friday 12/31 - My parents had a little party on New Years Eve, so we spent the day cleaning and preparing food. At the party we played "The Game of Things" which I had gotten from Julie for Christmas. It was so much fun, and we were just rolling we were laughing so hard! We of course ate way too much food as well, and watched a few movies. And we all rang in the New Year together. Although I cannot lie - it was very difficult being apart from Luke on New Years Eve. I felt a little melancholy all evening. The Game of Things. Topic? Things that go bad. ("teeth" was a theme all evening if you're wondering about that top one! Haha)

Saturday 11/1 - New Years Day was spent at a party at a friends house. My whole family was there. There was, once again, way too much good food and we all ended up grazing most of the day. Ha! We talked for hours and caught up, and even went for a walk since there was absolutely no snow on the ground! In the evening we came home, and by this time I was just done with the whole Luke being gone thing. I just got in a nasty mood and things only got worse when I somehow broke the lock off of my very expensive memory card (this is the third memory card this has happened to. I'm beginning to think that something in my camera is out of place, and popping them off). Needless to say, this was not one of my finer hours! But the fact that Luke was returning the next day made it a little more bearable.Julie, Kristin, me

Milestones this week: Finished out the year 2010 and began the year 2011.

Movies I watched this week: Despicable Me (B+), Letters to Juliet (B), The Proposal (A)

Things I'm looking forward to next week: Luke coming home, and hopefully that will snap me out of this nasty funk I seem to be in!


  1. Wow, your week sounded great! Two things: #1- your parents guest room is GORGEOUS. It looks like something right out of a magazine. I'd pay to stay there, ha! and #2- what computer game did ya'll play? That sounds like a tradition my sister, mom, and I had for many years but now that we are all far apart we can't do :(

  2. Brittney,
    I love the room too! I just felt like I was staying in a bed and breakfast all week :-)

    The game we are playing this year is called "The Longest Journey." We've also played all the Kings Quest games through the years...those ones are my favorite! Have you heard of them? We've also played a bunch of other ones like Scratches, Quest for Camelot, Siberia, Escape from Monkey Island, Torrin's Passage, and others that I can't remember the name of. This is the first year we've done it in a long time, since my sister and I don't live at home anymore.

  3. Your parents did a beautiful job with the guest room! I'm glad you were able to at least hang out and have some fun with your family while your hubby has been out of town :-)


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