Sunday, August 23, 2009

101 in 1,001...Because I Love Lists

Okay, I'm going list/goal crazy. I already have a bucket list: 100 things I want to do before I die. I have weekly to-do lists. I just completed my goal list for vacation. But there's something missing...

One night during vacation, I couldn't sleep. I got on my computer at about 3 AM and just started reading random blogs. I found a bunch of blogs with "101 things in 1,001 days" lists on them. I had been contemplating making one for awhile, and that night I was sold. It just seems like so much fun! I know my bucket list already has 100 items on it, but I have my whole life to complete that. 1,001 days is just a little under 3 years, so I thought it would be great to write a list of goals that are for this specific time in my life. Goals that are very possibly attainable right now, and not so "out there" like some of my bucket list goals. But you'll notice that a lot of the items overlap or build upon one another. So here we go, another list of items to try to fulfill. I'm getting a small rush just thinking about trying to complete all of these goals in just under three years!

So without further ado,

101 Things to do in 1,001 Days: (Start date: August 23, 2009. End date: May 20, 2012)
(Red = Complete) 60/101
Health/Personal Wellness
1. Run at least 100 miles
2. Lose 10 lbs - lost 11 as of 4/6/12
3. Try at least one new sport or physical activity - 1/16/11 (hiking)
4. Give up pop for a week - March 2012 - present
5. Keep a Food Journal for a Week - March 28 2012 - present

Spiritual Wellness/Giving Back
6. Read through the entire Bible - 46/66 books read
7. Volunteer in the church library - August 2009 - Present
8. Find a Bible study to attend regularly - September 16, 2009
9. Fill shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child
10. Donate old clothes to someone in need - 4/6/12
11. Fast
12. Do an anonymous, unexpected, good deed (How fun if this could turn into a weekly or monthly habit!)- December 2010
13. Set up a regular prayer/devotional time and place. Stick to it!- August 31, 2009
14. Donate hair to Locks of Love - 4/20/11
15. Participate in a 24-hour prayer vigil
16. Start a recycling system and stick to it.
17. Start using reusable grocery bags.- 11/2/09
18. Make and use at least one homemade cleaning product.

With Luke:
19. Go on at least one vacation - 1/12/11 - 1/18/11 to Arizona
20. Go camping- July 4-5, 2010 at Kelleys Island
21. Go on a double date- April10, 20110 (Dinner and a movie with Sarah and Tim)
22. Try at least one new thing together
23. Volunteer somewhere together- October 31, 2010 (Trunk or Treat night)
24. Reach our faith promise goal for giving which was set in fall of 2008 - December 2010
25. Have a "staycation" weekend: Spend an entire romantic weekend together at home.
26. Make Luke breakfast in bed
27. Make a family photo album for every year
28. Make a wedding scrapblog, which I will print out and turn into a wedding album (since we will probably never get the one we were promised from our photographer). - June 2011...Julie actually made a scrapbook for us, so I'm counting that :-P
29. Cook a meal together - December 13, 2009 (We made brunch together)

My dreams:
30. Save up enough "splurge money" to buy a dSLR camera
31. Try to play the violin; decide if I want to pursue it.- December 25, 2009
32. Save up at least $6,000 for a down payment on our "forever" house.
33. Buy a camcorder
34. Become pregnant
35. Visit at least one of these parks in Orlando: Disney World, Universal Studios, or Sea World.
36. Take a fun class (ie photography, cooking, writing, nutrition, cake-decorating, etc.) - March/April 2010: Creative Writing class
37. Get my flute out of the closet and begin to play it again.

38. Try okra
39. Try soy milk (Since I'm slightly lactose intolerant)- July 22, 2010
40. Invent a recipe - 9/12/09 (Spicy cheese dip).
41. Bake a cake from scratch
42. Bake a pie from scratch - 10/14/11
43. Bake lots of Christmas cookies and send them to friends, neighbors, and relatives - December 2009
44. Learn to make bread, pizza dough, breadsticks, pretzels, and more with my breadmaker
45. Try a new soup recipe - Butternut squash soup - 10/24/09
46. Try at least one new food not already mentioned - 3/30/10 (Eggplant Parmesan)
47. Eat at 5 restaurants where I've never eaten before - 4/5 (Sonic 8/24/09, IHOP 12/6/09, Five Guys 1/16/10, Winking Lizard Tavern, 8/5/10, Andrea's Garden 8/9/10)
48. Make a binder full of my favorite go-to recipes, complete with pictures and my own reviews - June, 2011 - I started a board on Pinterest with my favorite recipes. I'm going to use that instead. Times have changed since I wrote this list :-P

Other Domestic Things:
49. Sew something - 2/5/11 - curtains
50. Make and sell something on
51. Start an herb garden - 4/24/11
52. Grow my own tomatoes and other veggies
53. Learn to knit- 9/12/09
54. Plant flowers in my flower bed - Spring 2010
55. Eat at the table at least once a week for the duration of the 1,001 days (honestly, this just might be the most difficult item on the list!) - FAIL! :-P

Just for Fun:
56. Convert one of my photos to canvas for our living room
57. Keep this blog up and running for the duration of the 1,001 days
58. Try kayaking
59. Visit Lindsey in Chicago
60. Try Skiing
61. Get a manicure
62. Go biking
63. See a play or musical - Phantom of the Opera 8/14/10
64. Buy a new (to me) car - 8/24/09
65. Ride in a plane - 1/12/11 and 1/18/11 (on our trip to AZ)
66. Ride in a convertible - 11/29/09 (although the top was up, so I don't think this technically counts!)
67. Ride in a limo
68. Visit the zoo - 11/6/11
69. Visit a museum - 1/13/11 (The Birdcage Theater Museum in Tombstone, AZ)
70. Laugh until I cry - Nov. 6, 2009

71. Bring wildflowers to my grandpa's grave
72. Read an entire book in one sitting - 2/13/2010 (A Walk to Remembmer)
73. Take a long bubble bath with candles and music - many times
74. Spend an afternoon at the library - Did this multiple times in the summer of '11. At the church library.
75. Start writing in a personal journal again...because there are things you just can't share with the whole world on a blog :-) - 10/24/10
76. Float in the pool/sunbathe for an entire afternoon - 6/18/10
77. Buy Aromatherapy stress-relieving bubble bath from B&B Works.
78. Have a chick flick night with friends - 5/1/10

Misc: (because I forgot to add them earlier, but don't want to re-do all of my numbering :-))
79. Go on an international mission trip (and convince Luke to go, too!)
80. Watch an entire football game with Luke and don't complain! - 2/6/11 (the Super Bowl)
81. Visit The Great Wolf Lodge with Luke for a long weekend in the winter
82. Host a party - 9/12/09 (OSU/fall party)
83. Play Scrabble with Luke (I bought it for him last Christmas, and it's still sitting in our closet in the shrink-wrap) - 11/30/10
84. Go to a concert.- 11/13 & 14/09 (One80 Band, Remedy Drive, Run Kid Run, Francesca Battistelli, Leeland, and Brandon Heath).
85. Buy a little black dress - 4/27/11
86. Sing in a choir at church
87. Go on a nature hike - 1/16/11 in Sedona, Arizona
88. Go bowling
89. Read at least one classic novel- 3/25/11 (Anne of Green Gables)
90. Read all of the Harry Potter books
91. Finish reading the books in the Twilight series- 10/3/09
92. Keep my pictures in organized, ordered folders on my computer. 
93. Back up all the pictures and important files on my computer. - October 2011 (got an external hard drive)
94. Build a snowman
95. Send Christmas cards - 12/17/09
96. Watch a sunrise - many times
97. Watch a sunset- July 4, 2010
98. Research my family tree and Quaker heritage
99. Have a complete fondue dinner
100. Try on an outfit that I would never buy and/or could never afford - 8/5/10
101. Do Project 365 - fail

Don't worry, I promise my whole blog will not revolve around this list all the time. But I will make sure to update as I complete items. I will probably focus more on this list now than my bucket list, because it purposely contains some of the same items from the bucket list, and because these are more immediate goals.

Oh my goodness, if you have not done anything like this for your life, you should! Maybe it's my Type A personality, but I just really get excited about things like this!

Should I change my blog name to "Lists for Life?" Just kidding, I promise to lay off the list posts for awhile :-) This week be looking for posts on back to school, a new recipe, and how I plan on using my crock pot to save my life this school year :-) Also, I'll probably be writing about our Sunday, Cedar Point plans, and a library meeting at church on Thursday...I'm finally starting to volunteer there! (Which just happens to be one of the items on my list).

It's great to be back and caught up with all of your lives! Have a great week!


  1. What is a scrapblog? If you are interested, I make video scrapbooks for people for their weddings, anneversaries, etc. using photos or anything else that could be scanned in (like a newspaper wedding announcement.) I know you don't have many of your professional photos, but it seemed as though you had several candids. The entire video is set to music. I have a sample up on YouTube if you would like to have the link. Like I said, if you are interested, just let me know. :)

  2. Great list! I love the idea of making a list of plausible "to-do's" on top of the Bucket List. I want to do Project 365 in 2010 as well!

  3. Goodness, how do you think up all those things to do? I had a hard time with my 100 Things to Do Before I Die list! And you made a bucket list AND another 100 things for the next three years? I'm impressed.
    I might have to steal some of your list items though - you have some good ideas in this list!

  4. Project 365 is when you have a photo blog where you post one picture a day for a year. Should be easy for me since I take pictures pretty much every day! lol

    Here's a website that kind of explains it better:

  5. This is a great list! So, okay, please explain to me the running with Wii Fit thing. How do I get to that option? And didn't you say you can watch tv while you run? HELP!

  6. Katie: Yes I can "run" (in place) using my Wii Fit. It's in the Aerobics section of the game. There are a few running options on there. Basically you just run in place while holding the Wii remote or placing it in your pocket. But my favorite feature is the "Free Run." You can run with the Wii remote, but the game lets you switch the screen back to the television so you can watch it while you run. It gives you updates using the speakers on the Wii Remote. The Wii remote tells you how much longer you have to go, and when you complete the allotted amount of time, the remote starts vibrating so you know you're done. You can run for as long as you want (although I think the minimum is 10 minutes) and it keeps track of how far you virtually ran. It's my favorite feature of Wii Fit, although the running in place does get a little hard on my ankles.


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