Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Battlefield - Week 3

On Tuesdays I am doing a Bible study of the book "The Battlefield of the Mind" by Joyce Meyer. It's a great book, and I encourage anyone to read it!

This week I kept trying to be aware of my thoughts, and what I needed to change. The thing I noticed most that, as I mentioned last week, I worried. A lot! Especially with the summer coming to an end, I worried all the time about the new school year starting. It was ridiculous!

I really did try to keep those thoughts at bay. Whenever I felt myself worrying and getting that sinking feeling in my stomach that comes along with stress, I would pray that God would take away the stress, and I would try to busy my mind with something else. As I read about last week, it is a struggle, and it will take a lot of time, so I am being patient and making little baby steps each day.

Today I am going to study chapters 5 and 6 of The Battlefield of the Mind.

Chapter 5: Be Positive

In this chapter I learned about being a positive vs. a negative person. Both positive and negative people have good and bad things that happen to them. But a positive person chooses to hope and see the good in a situation, while a negative person chooses to expect the worst, and see only the bad in a situation.

Honestly, I do not see myself as a negative person. Sure, I complain sometimes, and get upset every once in awhile. But I feel like for the most part, I have a good outlook on life, and a lot of hope. It is in those moments when everything feels like it's falling apart that I struggle with being positive. And there have been a lot of moments like that in the past year! But I think it all comes back to trusting God, and knowing that he will work ALL situations for good.

Chapter 6: Mind-Binding Spirits

This was a short chapter that warned about "mind-binding spirits," or the evil spirits who feed us lies and try to steer us away from God's path. Joyce says that the best way to be delivered from these spirits is to pray frequently about it, and to recite scripture aloud.


This week I will try to have an overall positive attitude. And when I'm having moments of doubt or negativity, I will try to be positive, and find joy in the situation.

I will also try to remember to pray aloud when I'm driving each day. And every day I will pick a Bible verse that will become my anthem for the day, and whenever I am feeling frustrated or defeated, I will say it aloud as well.

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