Tuesday, August 3, 2010

List Progress

Since it's been almost a year since I made my 101 things in 1,001 days list, I thought I would update on the progress I've made today. Because I have nothing better to write about :-P

Items I've completed:

7. Volunteer in the church library. I am now on the "library committee" at church. We spent a lot of time taking inventory on all of our books last fall, but now during church construction, we have no library until probably next year sometime.

8. Find a Bible study and attend regularly. After setting this goal, I have attended a Bible study almost every week! It's been great!

13. Set up a regular prayer/devotional time. I set up quiet time for every day while I eat breakfast. Although I must admit, I have missed some days this summer.

17. Start using reusable grocery bags.

20. Go camping. I went this fourth of July to Kelley's Island with Luke and some others from my family. We had an amazing time! You can read about our trip here.

21. Go on a double date. We went out to dinner and a movie with Sarah and her boyfriend at the time. The movie was "Date Night" which I guess is appropriate :-)

23. Volunteer somewhere together. Luke and I volunteered at our church's Hallelujah Night (our alternative to a Halloween party). We decorated a trunk and passed out candy for Trunk or Treat there. You can see our "sweet" trunk here.

29. Cook a meal together. We've done this multiple times, but the first time was right before Christmas when we fixed a big brunch together after church. Luke loves breakfast food anytime of the day (me...not so much. But it was still good!)

31. Try playing the violin and decide if I want to pursue it. My Christmas present form my parents was violin lessons, and we borrowed a violin from my sister's fiance's family. I love it, and Julie has even asked me to play in their wedding next summer! ("If you get good enough," she said :-P)

36. Take a fun class. I took a creative writing class at my church this past spring, and I LOVED it!

39. Try soy milk. I did, and it was gross :-P

40. Invent a recipe. I made my own dip recipe last fall for one of our Ohio State game parties.

43. Bake lots of cookies and send them to friends, neighbors, and relatives. If you were following my blog last December, you know that I spent much of that month baking and decorating cookies, and I loved every minute of it! Christmas and baking are two of my favorite things :-) Some of the cookies are here, here, and here.

45. Try a new soup recipe. I tried to make butternut squash soup. Unfortunately something must have gone wrong, because it was disgusting. But I'll try again next fall!

46. Try at least one new food. I have tried multiple different things, but the first thing I tried was eggplant Parmesan. It was delicious!

53. Learn to knit. My cousin Sarah taught me to knit during an Ohio State football game. We would knit during boring parts, and pause to watch the game during plays.

54. Plant flowers in my flower bed. We did this last spring when we finished landscaping the house.

64. Buy a new (to me) car. I bought a VW Passat last fall, and it was the worst decision of my life. That thing has been in the shop more than it's been with me. And it is costing an arm and a leg to fix!

66. Ride in a convertible. I rode in Luke's grandparents' Mustang Convertible. But I really only think this one half counts, because the top was up! Haha...it was freezing outside.

70. Laugh until I cry. I'm glad to report that I've also done this one more than once since making my list, but the first time was at my birthday party this year. I don't remember what was so funny, but I'm sure we were reminiscing about something funny that happened when I was little.

72. Read an entire book in one sitting. I did this around Valentines Day when I read "A Walk to Remember" by Nicholas Sparks while Luke watched a basketball game or something :-P

76. Float in the pool/sunbathe for an entire afternoon. I've done this one a lot this summer!

78. Have a chick flick night. We did this at my MIL's house. We watched 2 or 3 chick flicks while we did manicures, pedicures, and paraffin wax treatments on our hands and feet.

82. Host a party. We had a big party for an Ohio State game and for the Super Bowl.

84. Go to a concert. I should get double points for this one! I've seen Remedy Drive, Leeland, Run Kid Run, Francesca Battistelli, Brandon Heath, and TSO twice. Oh, and The one80 Band a few times too (that's Luke's band :-))

91. Finish reading the books in the Twilight Series.

95. Send Christmas cards. You can see them here.

97. Watch a sunset. I did this on the 4th of July in Kelley's Island right on the lake while we were waiting for fireworks to start. Beautiful.

28/101 complete. Not too bad for being about 1/3 of the way through the 1,001 days! I'm not quite 1/3 of the way through the list, though, so I better be a little more proactive in completing these.

I do have a few items that I'm in the process of completing:

6. Read through the entire Bible

14. Donate hair to Locks of Love. My hair still has at least about 4 inches to grow before I'll have the minimum of 10 inches to donate.

24. Reach our faith promise goal for giving set in fall of 2008. We are very close to being able to cross this one off.

32. Save up at least $6,000 on the down payment for our "forever house." We are saving, although I highly doubt we will reach this goal the way everything is going with our car and just life getting in the way :-P

57. Keep this blog up and running for the duration of the 1,001 days. Obviously that is being taken care of ;-)

90. Read all of the Harry Potter books. Slowly but surely making my way through these.

92. Keep my pictures in organized, ordered folders on my computer. I've been pretty good about this one, but I can't cross it off until the end.

I also have a few items that will be completed in the next few weeks:

47. Eat at 5 restaurants where I've never eaten before. I'm about to add my 3rd out of 5 on Thursday.

63. See a play or musical. Umm, hello, PHANTOM in 11 days!! So excited.

69. Visit a museum. This should be happening as soon as I have a working vehicle :-P

85. Buy a little black dress. I'm at least going looking for one in a few days. I need one for my sister's wedding anyway!

88. Go bowling

100. Try on an outfit I would never buy and/or could never afford. Sarah and I have plans to do that this week!

Wow, I just threw a lot of stuff out there. But I feel pretty good about my list so far. I can't say it enough that if you don't have a list like this, you should make one! It's fun to be able to set a bunch of big and small goals for the not so distant future. This list has helped me figure out things to do when I'm bored and it has pushed me to try new things. And when these 1,001 days are up, I fully intend to create a new list for the next 1,001 days, when I'm at a slightly different place in my life. I like making lists and crossing items off of them. It's a sickness, really ;-)


  1. Wow, it sounds like you've gotten alot accomplished! I'm impressed!

  2. Wow, it sounds like you've gotten alot accomplished! I'm impressed!

  3. I love lists! Good job, Jess - keep it up :)

  4. wow! you've already crossed a whole bunch of things off your list! That makes me want to make one of those lists too!


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