Friday, August 6, 2010

Sarah and Jessica's Crazy "Adventure"

Growing up, when our family went places and lots of things went wrong, my mom would call it an "adventure." I guess she thought that instead of getting frustrated or scared, calling it an adventure would put a positive twist on things. Mostly we all stayed frustrated anyway, but then laughed (and still laugh) really hard about it later.

Yesterday, Sarah and I had an "adventure" of our own! Although luckily there was really no frustration involved. Just a lot of crazy circumstances.

Sarah and I had our whole day planned out! However, there are a few things that you just can't plan. I'll start from the beginning.

We had planned to leave at 10:15 AM yesterday morning. I was running a few minutes late, but we were probably out the door by 10:20. We got on the road when all of a sudden, both of my eyes started feeling like someone had poured acid into them! I don't know what the deal was, but I have never felt such a burning sensation in my eyes in my entire life! Sarah turned around when we were about 5 minutes down the road so I could go home and switch my contacts for glasses. Now this is starting to look like an "adventure."

While I was in the house getting my glasses, Sarah suddenly remembered that she needed to check the oil in her car. It was low. Like, REALLY low. So we headed to Auto Zone, praying that her car wouldn't blow up on the way. No really, we were scared for our lives!

We got to Auto Zone and luckily the nice man who worked there helped us pick out the right kind of oil. He said he would be right out to help us put it in the car. So Sarah and I waited outside by her cute little Bug. Unfortunately, there was a scary, scary man sitting in the car right beside Sarah's. He was not wearing a shirt, and appeared to be sitting in the parking lot just for fun. By that I mean, at no time did we see him or anyone in his car go into Auto Zone. He seemed to be hanging out in the parking lot. He kept trying to offer his services to help us put oil in the car, but we politely refused, telling him that the nice man from Auto Zone was going to help us. We waited for what felt like and eternity for Nice Man to come out and help us! And finally he did, and it took two whole quarts of oil to fill up Sarah's car! We were so thankful for Nice Man, but then Creepy Man started insulting Nice Man, saying that he took too long to fill up Sarah's car. Then Creepy Man drove away. It was all really strange, and now there was no doubt in our minds. We were DEFINITELY having an "adventure!"

Luckily, we then made it to our destination after a bit of driving! We decided to eat lunch at The Winking Lizard Tavern.
I had never been there, so it is my third new restaurant out of five on my 101 things list. The atmosphere was fun, and the roasted veggie wrap that I ordered was delicious!
But my favorite thing about the meal was the root beer. I have become something of a root beer connoisseur as of late, because my husband buys it all the time since he loves root beer floats. And this root beer was some of the best I've ever had!

After lunch, Sarah and I headed to the mall. We got a little mixed up while trying to find it (more makings for an "adventure." You always have to get lost once during one :-P) But ultimately made it there by following our pure instincts. We scoff at the thought of using a GPS!

I had two items on my 101 things list that I wanted to accomplish while at the mall. 1.) Buy a little black dress, and 2.) Try on something that I would never buy, and/or could never afford. Once at the mall, we headed straight for Cache, because we knew their clothes were out of our price range. We thought we'd head in, try on a few dresses for fun, take a few pictures, and go on our merry way. But...this is an "adventure," so it didn't quite happen like that.

I grabbed a few black dresses, thinking that they were probably out of my price range, but I might as well try them on for fun. (I need a black dress for my sister's wedding). Sarah and I also decided to grab a bright pink dress, just for fun!

Apparently, the lady working at Cache was the pushiest saleswoman in all the world. She would not leave us alone! And she kept giving us more and more things to try on. I think I tried on every dress in the store by the time we left there. But this was the best part of the day. Because Sarah and I were in the dressing rooms and we got to laughing and we couldn't stop. The situation was just funny. We were whispering our plans on how we were going to escape the store and Pushy Saleslady, and we knew Pushy Saleslady was probably standing with her ear pressed up against the door. That paired with the fact that some of the dresses were utterly ridiculous-looking, and a few times we got stuck in them, made us laugh so hard that we just couldn't stop. It was a good time :-)

There were two dresses that I thought might be a possibility for Julie's wedding. Although I probably won't buy them because of the price.

#1 (I thought this one was classy)
#2 (although I would probably remove the necklace-y thing)
As for the bright pink dress, Sarah tried that one on, and you can see her in it here. It turned out to be REALLY cute, and Sarah said she might have bought it if it hadn't been sooo expensive!

Luckily, after I tried on the last dress, we could hear Pushy Saleslady outside the door, chatting with some people. We opened the door and booked it out of there as fast as we could while she was otherwise occupied. We knew if we didn't avoid eye contact, we would have never escaped until she forced us to buy something :-P

We also went to Dillards so I could make sure I tried on a dress that I would never buy or could never afford (although the dresses at Cache probably count, too). The dress I tried on here fits both descriptions. Because I think it is ugly and because it is expensive! I would NEVER buy it.
Right? Isn't it ugly??

Check out the price tag...
I would definitely never pay that much for that dress. So I can definitely cross that off of my list!

After that, Sarah and I, who both agreed we just aren't "mall shoppers" anymore, headed back to the car. In the parking lot, a car nearly backed right into us while we were walking. Near death experiences are also criteria for an "adventure." So I'd say our day definitely qualifies as an adventure.

When we got back to my house, we remembered that we hadn't gotten a picture together all day. So we took one of ourselves in the car. I look gross because I'm wearing my glasses, and my hair had gotten messed up from trying on clothes all day, and it was windblown. Next time we will have to remember to take a picture earlier on in the adventure ;-)
Well, we had a very fun day yesterday! Stay tuned for our next adventure, commin' atcha probably sometime next week! :-)

Have a blessed Friday!


  1. wow that was quite the adventure! And I totally understand the hair thing! My curly hair always looks ridiculous after trying on things, even if I'm super careful.

  2. Ahahaha oh I laughed through this entire post!! Nice recap - I love how you named people haha...can't wait for next week!!

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  4. How fun! I love shopping with a friend and trying on stuff I would never buy. So you didn't end up finding a black dress?
    I love that you call yourself a root beer connoisseur. That's funny!


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