Sunday, August 1, 2010

Week in Review

I've seen other blogs do the "Week in Review" thing, and I decided I wanted to join in! I may make this a weekly thing, with just a paragraph about each day, and maybe some pictures, too.

Sunday 7/25: We went to church where Luke's band was playing (as they do most Sunday mornings) It was a great time of worship! After church, we went out to lunch at a Mexican restaurant called Jalisco with around 15 or 20 friends. Afterwards, I had to lie down for awhile and watch a movie (the first of many this week!) because you can't eat at Jalico's and then feel good afterwards. But that evening, I went over to my parents' house to watch "Precious" with my mom. It was a very depressing movie.

Monday 7/26: I went shopping for the day with my mom. We went out to lunch at Ruby Tuesday and then shopped at Burlington Coat Factory, Hobby Lobby, and Tuesday Morning to shop for my sister's birthday presents and look at some of the wedding/shower stuff. Later, Luke and I went to small group Bible study. That is always a fun time, because we have it at our young adult pastor & his wife's house. They live way out in the country and we always have our Bible study around the fire, and then just enjoy the rest of the evening with one another. The yard is so beautiful, and it's always just a good time!Tuesday 7/27: Sarah came over for the afternoon to plan our trip to Baltimore. Which has now been postponed. Haha...that evening, Luke's mom picked me up and we headed to his church softball games for the evening. His team won 1 out of 2 games they played. I then came home just in time to watch "Teen Mom" while Luke watched "Deadliest Catch." A Tuesday night ritual.

Wednesday 7/28: My Grandpa S. visited in the morning to deliver some delicious veggies from his garden. Then I ended up spending the morning making zucchini bread, and then delivered it to my Grandma W. I changed my plans I had set for the day in order to spend the afternoon with her instead :-) I then had to go with my mom to pick said grandma's car up from the shop. That evening Luke and I had a big dinner of parsley potatoes, Parmesan chicken breasts, and sweet corn from Grandpa's garden. Yum! Afterward, Luke headed to band practice in the terrible thunderstorm. I lit a bunch of candles and popped in my DVD copy of "Sweet Home Alabama." It was the perfect evening, because that movie is perfect to watch during a storm. Especially the last scene or two :-)

Thursday 7/29: Spent the afternoon by the pool with my friend Kristin. Then we headed out to her new house! There we watched a creepy British movie called "Sanitarium." I have been in the mood to watch movies lately, any kind, anytime. But this was probably the weirdest movie I've ever seen. I probably would not recommend it, although the haunting background music was pretty good. Anyway, eventually Luke picked me up there (our car is in the shop, so I'm at the mercy of others to drive me around while Luke's at work). We went to dinner at Cici's, and then went grocery shopping on our way home.

Friday 7/30: I had to borrow my mom's van to run to the school where I work to turn in some paperwork. I can't believe summer is nearing its end! After that I met my mom at the church to take some pictures of the construction site for the church blog. Later that evening, Luke and I went to the wedding of our friends Ben and Brittany. They have attended our church some, and Luke used to work with Ben. They became double date buddies back then, so we got to know them pretty well! Also, Brittany subbed a lot at the school where I work this spring. Anyway, the wedding was beautiful! I got a little teary eyed once or twice as I often do during wedding ceremonies! We then had fun at the reception with family and friends.
Sarah and I thought our dress colors complimented each other well. And her dress matched the color of the wedding perfectly!
(I accidentally didn't get any pictures with my date, Luke ;-))

Saturday 7/31: I woke up and headed straight to more of Luke's softball games. They won both games! But I mostly sat and talked to my Aunt Beth, cousin Sarah, and friend Michelle more than I actually watched the game (shhh...don't tell Luke! ;-)). After the game, we headed back to my favorite place, (hint: I'm being sarcastic) Jalisco's for lunch. We went there with a bunch of people from the softball team, plus our friend who just had a baby on Wednesday! She brought the baby with her, so we got to see little Auburn for the first time, too :-) She is named after the football team! Haha! But I think Auburn is a beautiful name. Unfortunately, it has put ideas in Luke's head. He would like to name our firstborn child Buck I. Wallace. Get it? Buck. I...Buckeye? I put my foot down on that one right away. Haha. But I did promise that our first puppy would be named Buckeye ;-) Anyway, I again spent much of the afternoon laying down, watching a movie, because you cannot recover quickly from a Jalisco's meal! In the evening, though, Luke and I headed over to my parents' house for my sister Julie's 23rd birthday party. We had a delicious chocolate peanut butter dessert and sat around the fire, just talking until late at night.
Happy Birthday, Julie!

One of Julie's presents was this adorable herringbone coat for her dog, Opa. I thought it was too cute, but probably would have been more comfortable if it wasn't so hot and humid outside!

So that is my week in review! I can't help but be thankful as I look back on this week for all the fun times I had with friends and family. I am truly blessed. And how funny that I watched so many movies! I don't think I normally watch this many movies in one week! I think I counted five movies in one week!


  1. Wow, that sounds like a great week! You kept so busy despite not having a car. Also, I watched Sweet Home Alabama last week as well!

  2. Sounds like a busy week!! I love Sweet Home Alabama. :)


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