Sunday, August 22, 2010

Week in Review

Sunday 8/15 - After church and lunch, I took an epic nap all afternoon. It was sort of an accident. I fell asleep while I was reading and slept FOREVER. Then in the evening my mom had a cookout with our whole family, because my aunt and cousins are visiting from Virginia. We ate and talked and caught up. And ended the evening watching Comedy Central with my cousins.

Monday 8/16 - I went out to breakfast with my mom, aunt, sister, cousin, and grandma. We wanted to go out since my little cousin Chelsea is in town visiting. After our gigantic breakfast, we dropped everybody off, and me, Julie, and mom went wedding dress shopping! Julie found a dress! And today was the first time she even tried any on. Of course I can't show it, but you will see plenty of pictures at the wedding next June! After that we headed to Coldstone for a celebration snack. After Coldstone we went shopping a few more places, and headed home, exhausted. I went home and ordered pizza for dinner since I was so tired from all that shopping! And after dinner Luke had another softball tournament game. Unfortunately, it was his last game because his team lost. But we all hung out at my cousin Rachel's house afterward, to celebrate a fun season, I guess. We had a Mexican night with delicious homemade salsa, quesadillas, and the best cherry limeade made by Rachel. Mmm, my mouth is still watering for some more!
Tuesday 8/17 - I didn't have much of anything planned for this day, so I spent the day cleaning, grocery shopping, and visiting my grandma. I made tacos for dinner, and Luke and I spent the evening in, relaxing.

Wednesday 8/18 - I drove Sarah and her mom to the airport in the morning, because they are going to Florida for a few days! I was excited to get the chance to drive my new car. I then spent the rest of the day home again, cleaning and watching DVR'd episodes of my favorite shows that I needed to get caught up on. The evening was spent much the same way :-)

Thursday 8/19 - I spent the day cleaning again and then had a meeting at church for the new campaign for our building project. After that, I chilled at home because Luke was out with a friend. Later in the evening, Luke and I visited with our friends/neighbors/cousins, Jared and Rachel. Rachel and I took a walk to get some ice cream with her dog, Lexie.

Friday 8/20 - I went to White House Fruit Farms and Giant Eagle in the afternoon, and spent the evening fixing a dessert for a party we were invited to on Saturday night.
Saturday 8/21 - This day happened to be the 6 year anniversary of our first date! But that's just a side note. Luke and I spent most of the day out. We went to lunch at Steak and Shake with a gift card from my mom. We went to the mall next where I spent a long time at Old Navy and Forever 21 buying clothes for the new school year. Luke spent most of that time at the Everything Buckeyes store, his favorite. We rushed home after all that shopping just to head out again to our friends' party (the one I made the dessert for on Friday night). We ate lots of delicious food at the party and sat outside and talked under the awning all evening while it poured down rain around us. I loved being out in the rain like that :-)

This week was a little more laid back than that past month or so :-P It has been nice to have a little more time to myself, and has given me a chance to get the house really clean so I'm ready for when the school year starts. If I don't start the year with everything in order, it will never get back in order again until Christmas break or even the end of the school year!


  1. Epic naps are the best :-) And this was one of the best ever! lol...I woke up feeling like I had slept for days.


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