Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Teen Mom

Today is the day that I confess to the world that I am hopelessly and irrevocably in love...with the show Teen Mom. If you have not seen it, it is on MTV on Tuesday nights. And it is exactly what the title implies: a show that chronicles the lives of 4 teen moms. And oh my goodness, I cannot stop watching.

Since I have nothing better to write about today, I thought I'd share some thoughts about the show, and open the comment section for discussion!

I guess I'll just jump in and talk about each mom or couple on the show:

1. Maci and her son, Bentley (he's sooo cute, right??):

Maci is one of the more responsible parents on the show, in my opinion. She seems to be a great mom, and she has a pretty stable lifestyle. She is currently dating a boy who is not Bentley's father, and let me say that I was kind of weirded out during last night's episode when Maci introduced Bentley to her new boyfriend. First of all, a few weeks ago, she was saying that she didn't want Bentley to meet every boy or girl that came into her or Bentley's dad's life. Yet she's already introducing Bentley to her new boyfriend? And she told Bentley to give her boyfriend a kiss when they first met, and I just though that probably made the boyfriend super uncomfortable. That paired with the fact that she strapped Bentley into a go-cart and took him on a ride on the track in last night's episode has me questioning her a little bit. It sort of reminded me of her episode of 16 and pregnant (the show that came before Teen Mom) when she was riding on a 4-wheeler when she went into labor. Not the best idea!

But for what it's worth, I think Maci has it together more than some other parents on the show...and that brings me to Amber.

2. Amber, Gary, and their daughter Leah:

Amber and Gary are Leah's parents (isn't she just a doll, by the way?), and they are still together and engaged. Sort of. If you watch the show, then you know that Gary and Amber have an explosive relationship, and break up and get back together at least once during every episode. Amber did not complete high school, and has been trying to (or putting off...?) get her GED since her episode of 16 and Pregnant. Their apartment is a complete wreck, and looks like something you would see on A&E's Hoarders, and they struggle financially, as Gary was just laid off and Amber works part-time at a tanning salon. I think this couple is the best example of what can happen to your life if you have a baby in high school. (I think one of the main purposes of the show is to show teens how UNglamorous being a teen mom really is).

All I can really say about Amber and Gary is that I hope they get it together soon. Their poor daughter deserves better than living in such a dirty apartment and listening to so much screaming and cursing all the time.

I couldn't help but share this video of the THIRD time Gary proposed to Amber. it gives you a little taste of what their relationship is like if you don't watch the show (This video is actually a clip from The Dish, a show that sort of makes fun of things that happened in pop culture that week. And Topanga is the host!! haha)

3. Catelynn and Tyler
This couple broke my heart during their episode of 16 and Pregnant. Seriously, I cried through 90% of that episode. Catelynn and Tyler both come from an extremely dysfunctional home-life. Case-in-point, Catelynn's mom is married to Tyler's dad. Although Catelynn and Tyler were together before their parents, so their parents are the creepy ones I guess. Anyway, Catelynn and Tyler made the selfless decision to put their daughter, Carly, up for adoption. Their families were totally against it, but they did it anyway. How they came from such a background and became such loving, selfless people is really a miracle!

Anyway, since they had and gave up their daughter, they have been trying to heal from the pain of the adoption. In the process, they have become super close, and became engaged, even though they are still just in high school. I think this was their first mistake. Ever since they got engaged, they have been fighting and questioning each others' trust. In my opinion, they need to chill and just be kids for a little while longer! I really do hope they end up together, though, because they are really extraordinary people.

4. Farrah and her daughter Sophia
I can't wait to see what kind of response I get from all of you who have seen the show about this one, but Farrah is currently my favorite mom on the show. I know, right? You're probably scratching your heads. In the first season of Teen Mom, Farrah seemed like such a selfish brat who completely took advantage of her mom. But, at the beginning of this season, Farrah's mom was arrested for domestic assault. Apparently she and Farrah had been fighting, and her mom hit her. Farrah then moved out of the house to raise Sophia on her own, without the help of her family.

Now here's the reason I've liked her so much lately. First of all, I think her mom is all kinds of crazy, which I didn't so much realize during the first season. I think it's noble of her to cut herself off from all the support her parents were giving her so that Sophia can be away from all of the drama and craziness.

Also, recently on the show Farrah has opened up about Sophia's father. He was killed in a car crash before Sophia was born. I can't imagine how hard it would be to be raising a daughter on your own with no support while working and still in school (she's in culinary school and will graduate in the fall). And on top of that, know that your daughter will never even be able to meet her father. I really feel for Farrah, and although she's sometimes not the sweetest girl in the world, and lacks in the common sense department (evidenced by the scam that she fell for in last night's episode. I felt so bad for her though!) I think she truly is a great mom, and wants the best for her daughter.

All right, I will leave it at that. Please feel free to share your thoughts! I don't know anyone who watches this show, and I'm dying to talk to someone about it! lol...


  1. I had no idea about Sophia's dad! That is so heartbreaking. I have only seen the show a few times and my heart always hurts and goes out to these girls. I have a huge heart for Catelynn and Tyler, I hope they are able to stay youthful for now and then later in life have a healthy and fruitful relationship. I'm rooting for them! They are too cute! Thanks for the recap, girl!

  2. I totally agree! I love this show! I can't get enough, and P just gets so annoyed with me!

  3. Oh my gosh, I love this show!


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