Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Husband is Awesome

Today I was having a rough day at work. I have some trying students this year, and it's wearing on me. However, everything was made right when I got a text from Luke about halfway through my afternoon.

He texted me to let me know that he had joined The Disney Movie Club! This is awesome for several reasons:

1. I love all things Disney, including Disney movies.
2. Luke supports my unnatural love for children's movies, and loves me despite this quirk.
3. By signing up for the program, we committed to buy 5 Disney movies over the next two years at full price, and in doing so, we will receive 4 movies RIGHT NOW, for $1.99 each!! What a great deal!

So in two years, our Disney blu-ray collection will increase by 9 movies! Sweet!

I've written a lot lately about how I want to build our Disney blu-ray collection for when we have kids (ahem. And also for the two big kids who live here right now. We are not ashamed :-P)

As of right now we are the proud owners of the following Disney blu-rays:

And as soon as they come in the mail, here are the 4 that Luke ordered for $1.99 each. I think he did a good job with the ones he picked out!

(For the record, Luke has never watched Enchanted. I'm sure he would want you to know that. Haha! He just knows I absolutely LOVE it).

And you better believe the first full-priced movie I buy from the Disney Movie Club is going to be this...only my favorite Disney movie of all time:
(Side-note: I was a Beauty and the Beast FREAK when I was in second grade. I was Belle for Halloween, wearing a beautiful dress made by my mom...seriously, it was an incredible dress...the perfect re-creation of the gold ball gown. On top of that, I had a Beauty and the Beast-themed birthday party. And saw Beauty and the Beast on ice. I could go on and on)

(You can click here to see the whole movie collection I would like to own for my children one day, and to read why I think movies are so much better than TV for children)

So in conclusion...I have an awesome husband. Little surprises like this get me through the day.

Click Here to find out more about The Disney Movie Club.


  1. Oh, how fun! I love Disney movies too - Derek and I like kid's movies better than movies geared toward adults most of the time!

  2. Yay I am so excited!!! This means you will have more access to Disney Princess movies, right???

  3. That's exciting!! My favorite is Beauty and the Beast as well! Though I never got to dress up as her, I always imagined she was "closest," to me! haha! Sorry your kids are tough this year, that's always hard to deal with on a daily basis.


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