Monday, November 15, 2010

Preparing for Christmas!

I've heard from more and more people lately that they have their Christmas shopping finished already! What?? Apparently, I am extremely behind, because I have not started yet. I have not bought for a SINGLE person. Well, unless you count the huge gift that Luke and I bought for ourselves yesterday (more to come on that on Thursday when it arrives! I'm SOO excited!) Anyway, I don't think that counts.

So yes, I am already feeling behind, and it's not even Thanksgiving yet! I think I need to chill! But in order to calm myself down and prevent myself from feeling stressed, I did cross my first item off of my Christmas to-do list today: order Christmas cards.

I am so excited, because I got 5o of them for FREE this year. They should arrive sometime before Thanksgiving, and I am looking forward to stamping and addressing them while sipping hot cocoa and watching Christmas movies sometime during my 5-day Thanksgiving break. My goal is to have them all sent out the first week of December.

Last year I think I sent my Christmas cards out about a week before Christmas. It was definitely pushing it, and seriously stressed me out!

Anyway, having this first task completed motivates me so much! I now plan to spend the evening making a list of people I need to buy for, and what I plan to buy for each person. And this weekend I want to do a deep-cleaning of the whole house so that it's completely ready for Christmas decorations! Luke and I plan on putting our tree up and decorating the house the weekend after Thanksgiving. It will be nice to have some of this boring stuff out of the way so I can really enjoy the Christmas season and focus on what it is really about.

So tell me: do you have your Christmas shopping finished?? Please tell me I'm not the only one who hasn't started yet!


  1. You're way ahead of me on the Christmas cards! We don't even have a good picture to use on ours yet. I do have alot of shopping done for my family, but I haven't bought a thing for Derek yet.

  2. I think you are way ahead of the game girl! I need to get my made..ASAP! I am so looking forward to thanksgiving too! :-)

  3. Huh? Christmas shopping?! I am so deep in busy-ness that I don't know that I can even think about it till December 1. :) You're not alone!
    Plus, your blog is super cute. I am really glad I found it. I'm a follower!!

  4. Our Christmas shopping is about 98% done. I start shopping just as soon as Christmas/New Years ends since there are some GREAT deals to be had during that time. I also score free gift cards from making online searches that I use for Christmas too.

    I've been meaning to ask you...what happened to your savings site? Did you decide to close it down?

  5. I've started some Christmas shopping so I can be done before December. I can't wait to see pics of your house with your decorations up! I love to see houses all decorated :)


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